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Nov 9, 2009
  1. I have been having this problem when starting windows, i get this stop error:


    the parameters are there but its not giving me a file associated with the error. Ive read alot of articles on this and i can say that i have not changed any hardware, or settings. I cannot log in in safe mode either, i get the same error. So, i went ahead and deleted my partions and did a fresh install of windows xp. Everything worked great again, updated all my drivers and reinstalled my programs. after a couple of weeks i get the same problem, same error.
    the only thing that i have noticed before all this started was, i was getting an error on start up saying my system battery voltage was low, no idea if that had anything to do with it, but i figured i would mention it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Still need help
  3. IvanAwfulitch

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    Coincidentally, I just answered another post about this same error. What this error usually has to do with is 1) software errors, 2) driver errors, and 3) hardware incompatibility. It can include a variety of other symptoms, but these 3 are the most common.

    As I told the person in my other post, I suspect that you have a driver issue that's causing your system to constantly crash. I don't know if it's the very recent drivers that are causing your issue. But I'd suggest trying to rollback some of your drivers to some that are perhaps more stable.

    As for the system battery voltage thing, I think that was the system being confused and spouting a random error. Low battery voltage usually has nothing to do with a crash. You'd just have your computer power off because it's got no power.
  4. toppkat

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    well before i started having this problem, i had not updated the drivers in three years, im kinda a beliver in "if it aint broke, dont fix it". but when i couldnt get it to boot up, even in safe mode, i reinstalled and updated all the drivers to current versions. none the less after a couple weeks the problem comes back. Also, the computer crashes right after i get the windows xp login screen. have no idea how to change driver files if i cant even log in. I would think that it would be some kind of hardware problem since thats the only thing that hasnt changed, but willing to try anything at this point
  5. IvanAwfulitch

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    Ok this tells me that some bit of hardware is defective. Have you run a memory test? Download memtest86 and test your RAM to see if the cards have any errors on them. If one of them is erroneous, you might have found your problem. And luckily, RAM is fairly cheap these days even for a 3 year old computer.

    And as a side note, generally the "if it ain't broke" approach works for a variety of situations. However, I don't recommend that approach towards drivers. Generally, driver updates are meant to add stability, performance, bug fixes, and security rather than cause problems. Usually there are issues with drivers when there's a hardware compatibility issue or another piece of software is causing it to bug. You can keep your approach for pretty much everything else, but I would suggest a less conservative approach for drivers. They're critical to your system and having them as updated as possible is a huge benefit.
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