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Jan 16, 2006
  1. Hi all

    I've been having random BSOD's lately and since there was another topic google found with about the same error code I thought I'd ask for help here aswell.

    The BSOD's keep giving the code 0x40000080. My config is as following:

    Windows XP Pro
    AMD Athlon64 3500+
    Asus A8N-E
    GeForce 6600GT
    Soundblaster X-Fi Xtrememusic

    I've uploaded some minidumps:

    I for one think it's the soundcard since many people reported problems with it, but then again I have a more recent version which should be fixed (not sure it is).
  2. howard_hopkinso

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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    1 minidumps crashes at dxg.sys. DirectX driver.

    3 minidumps crash at NVENETFD.sys. Your onboard lan driver.

    1 minidump crashes at ha20x2k.sys. One of your soundcard drivers.

    Try putting your soundcard into a different pci slot.

    Up date the drivers for both your soundcard, and your mobo.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
  3. Phacoid

    Phacoid TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

    Thanks for the reply. I've just switched my soundcard into another pci-slot, and atm I'm downloading and installing drivers again.

    I'll report back if it helped later.
  4. Phacoid

    Phacoid TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

  5. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    NVENETFD.sys. Is still the culprit.

    Try temporarily disabling the onboard lan, and see if the crashes stop.

    If they do. Then maybe getting a separate lan card, and disabling/uninstalling the onboard lan will solve your problem.

    Regards Howard :)
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