Stop errors and my inability to make sense of chaos

By giantmeme
May 28, 2008
  1. Hello all,
    Last night, i started my laptop (running vista 32, home premium on a Dell e1505), started writing an email to my mother, and got a blue screen. The only information was "page fault in non-paged area". Restarted the computer and it shut down again after 2 minutes or so. Repeated this like 15 times. Roughly same amount of time passes before the crash. When i run my computer in safe mode (like right now), everything is fine. It's only crashing in standard mode. Because of this, i'm limited in what functions i can run, i.e. installing or running debug software, or other helpful tools. I have been downloading files in safe mode and installing them in the brief window of functionality in standard mode. When i finally got the windows debugger working, i opened the minidump file and all that says is that the symbol paths are incorrect. I feel im on the right path to figuring out the issues, but it's not going very well. I have a pretty good warranty through dell and am considering breaking my computer and having it replaced, as my issue doesn't seem to have any clear solutions, through the windows error report service, or my own searching. So here i am, hoping someone here might have an idea or suggestion as to what to do... I just now turned off the auto-restart feature so i can write down the string at the bottom of the BSOD, as that is the non-generic info besides the "page fault" line. So if anyone has anything, i can post that as well as the minidump if it's just my debugger thats not reading it properly...
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