Strange Connection Issues

By keebes
Oct 14, 2008
  1. 'ello folks *smiles*

    so, recently, my internet connections been.. goofy. It could be one of a few things, or a combo of all of them, or, possibly none of them, but heres what ive got:

    I'm rocking the Nvidia 680 LT sli mobo by the way, drivers all updated.
    Connection has been in and out since a few changes have been made. Browsing the internet, more often than not, i get a few minutes of no transferring at all, no pages load, nothing happens, and all of a sudden it'll be back strong as ever. although it seems like 5 minutes on, 5 minutes off, and my PC sees nothing wrong.

    1.Ever since my pops upgraded to an "N" wireless router, my internet has been extremely goofy. I'm on a land line, none of that wireless business for me (MMO's and such) and ive never had any issues before. My PC sees me having a perfect connection, but in my MMO's or even browsing the net, it sure doesn't act like it.
    Point of interest, he somehow managed to set this router up.. and keep up a second router all at the same time, i didnt know this was possible, but he needed to in order to link his laptop to his home PC (owns a business). {plugged in router>switch ive no transferring at all, plugged in router>PC i have this faulty one. meanwhile my PC sees nothing wrong in either case.}

    2. My internet cable now runs under my carpet, moved there around the same time as the router switch, though when i looked the cable over, i saw no hint of crushes, pinches, or cuts. If it were damaged, wouldnt my PC yell that there's something wrong with my connection? (like "unplugged cable")

    3. Other Points Of interest: There is a piece of hardware my PC refuses to recognize, and i cannot figure out what it is, sound/video/network/motherboard, all have installed drivers, and yet in my Device manager, ive a big yellow "?" claiming an unknown PCI device. (no other pci devices inside my case, just audio and video cards)

    4. another POI: My PC wont recognize my CD drive/ DVD player, and i've swapped out 3 different ones. The current drive I'm using is seen, but no disks are being read.

    im at a total loss of what to do, or where to look, or even where to begin. I'm sorry now for lack of information, but, its rather late, and i dont know all the details. I'm hoping someone has heard of this before and can lend some guidance to me. Was thinking of maybe trying to connect to the other router, the non wireless one, but im not even sure that'd do anything at all.

    Any help would be immensely appreciated , and if you need more info on any one point ill do everything i can to be clear and inforative as possible. Thanks ahead of time!
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