Strange interferences when using Anti-Aliasing; hardware or driver problem??

By franklogus
Aug 14, 2004
  1. I have a MSI 9800 PRO Video Card, and I got it 03 weeks ago...
    I like racing games and I am having some "interferences" (not properly artifacts, but straight "traced lines") that appears ONLY on the shadows of the cars in action (not when they are parked). No random "interferences" in any other place of the screen, ONLY on the cars shadows. This odd problem does not happens with all games, but some of them... And, recently, I detected one interesting aspect: some of the games that shows this issue DO NOT MORE shows the interferences when I "block" the ANTI-ALIASING! (for sample, Colin McRae 4.0 and Live for Speed). Would it be a hardware problem or a driver issue? I am using the latest Catalyst driver of ATI...
    Others games keep with this issue, even when I "block" all kind of "eye-candy" - AA & AF - as Mercedes Benz World Racing and Ford Racing 2. When I run 3DMark03 (even with all "eye-candy" disabled), within some (not all) game tests, I can see "black traced lines" in some parts of the screen (only BLACK TRACES, never another color or format of "interference").
    As I just got this video card, my case is with good average temps, and it was not cheap for me, I think that I will try to return the product. But, as I live in Brazil (and, here, the "return" of hardware is, generally, a complex and bureaucratic process), I would like to be sure that my video card has really a problem...
    Can you help me, giving me some opinion about??
    Thanks in adavance for any help !!
  2. Didou

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    You do not need to create a new thread on the same subject. If you think your original thread might've gone down in the list of threads, you can bump it back to the top. Only do so seldom manner though. No one likes it when a thread has more "bump" post then valid posts.

    Original thread.
  3. franklogus

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    That's OK, Didou... Sorry for mistake!
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