Stuck at first screen "GATEWAY", can't load bios or do anything.

By JimmyDean
Oct 17, 2005
  1. I bought a Gateway 820GM last winter and have never cracked it open. It was running slugish and not opening SonicStage or iTunes but was opening folders and Mozilla. I couldn't restart so I just turned it off and when I turned it back on it shows the first screen which says "Gateway" and "<F2> to bios". It will not allow me to do anything. The only thing I have been doing different in the past few days is start using a Sony NW-HD1 walkman. I'm hoping my ram or motherboard is not corrupt. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  2. Liquidlen

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    First if you cannot access the Bios , you may have a password to enter.Is there a request when you try or just nothing .
    Next ,what exactly what were you doing or accessing? the applications that stop use a lot of memory and Temp files .
    How are your Free space numbers on your HDD/s
    You may just need to free up some Disk space by deleting Temp files ,Buffers and Temporary Internet files then do a Defrag.If you cannot get to Safe Mode , you might try pulling the Battery off the MB for 30 secounds then replace it, and/or Clear the Bios and enter Bios at reboot as you will have to re- do the settings,
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