stuck with th BSOD

By boris_z
Sep 21, 2007
  1. Hi im a newbie with a big problem.

    I loaded the same media file onto two mediaplayers at the same time yesterday, making the pc freeze. As I it kept being froze i decided to reset the computer.

    Now Im stuck with the computer loading a black dos page giving me four choices: "load in safe mode", "load in safe mode with net", "Load in safe mode to dos promt and "load windows Xp as normal" (windows xp pro) -no matter which choice I choose I get the blue screen of death and the computer resets and starts all over. The BSOD only shows for half a second before resetting so I can't see what it shows.

    Only if I choose to start with commando promt (dos) it doesnt BSOD - it gets stuck instead with a black screen with only a white "_" on it and i have to reset it manually to get back to the black screen with ther four choices.

    The only thing I'm able to get into is the bios - but I'm really not an expert on these kinda problems - I'm send it to the manufacture on monday if I can't solve it myself.

    Any suggestions to what I can do or if you think this is a soft- or hardware problem?

    Sorry for my spelling english is not my native toungue.
  2. Fragrant Coit

    Fragrant Coit TS Guru Posts: 363

    Do you have the Windows CD?

    Boot from it, go into the Recovery Console when prompted and run CHKDSK.

    You may have to type CHKDSK /R to force it to run.

    This will fix any file errors, and will hopefully sort out your problem.

    If that doesn't help, run the Hard Drive Diagnostic from the Drives manufacturer to rule out a faulty drive.

    Good luck!
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