Build a PC Sudden crashes when playing video games

Here are my computer specs:
- CPU: AMD Phenom x4 9750
-Ram: 8 GB
-Hard drive: 750 GB
-Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9100 integrated graphics.
- PSU: 250 watt

I play video games fine on my computer, usually around 30 FPS. But sometimes, my FPS will drop to around 2 FPS, and stay like that for about 2 minutes, then return to normal. During this, my computer runs very slow. Does anyone know why it's doing this? (This just started recently. I've had my computer for about a year.)


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Totally wrong power supply for the equipment listed...
Have you tried just trading out the power supply for one with over 500 watts and good connectors, for a short test?

Depending on the brand and model of the 750 GB hdd, that could be contributing to the problem...

The CPU and the graphics card will also have peformance sufferance with that power supply

When you replace it, get a first class, decent one... from the many posts here on techspot... There are about 10 brands that are good and 80 that are bad.
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I bought my computer from best buy and everything i listed is what it came with. I haven't changed anything yet but am thinking of changing the power supply and graphics card.


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We have seen similar problems with certain models from Best Buy. We have had good luck replacing the CPU fan and Heatsink, while thinning down the thermal past to a minimum layer.

This was not as easy as we thought, because finding an easy fit that was also low cost and effective became difficult. We finally selected the Rosewill CPU fan and case fan... as quite effective while half the price of others. The Rosewill fan was larger in diameter and more robust, moving a great deal more air... The fix came as a set in one box... CPU fan, and heat sink... took up easily twice as much space as the stock one that came with the computer... less than $16 for us in lots of 12.

Since the Rosewill worked well with it's big red R, I suppose almost any would work... The trick is finding the correct size of heatsink to fit the clamp-down holder.


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Wear or electrical interconnections had been working ok... aging increases electrical resistance, and heat causes increased failure over time.

"All computer devices work until they fail" is an old line, but is a tongue in cheek comment on the fact that computer devices quit working because they can:

There are reasons whiy all old timers in computing prach daily about backing up data, and replacing aging devices.

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