Sudden shutdown on laptop when power charger is unplugged

My 2,5 years old laptop, an ASUS N580GD, is suddendly showing a common trouble of ASUS laptops, but not only ASUS ones.

I read many people faced these troubles but I’m not finding a solution.

1) sudden shutdown on laptop when power charger is unplugged. A “Restore AC Power Loss” or "Wake on AC" or "Power on AC is not available in UEFI
2) when I put the power plug in , the laptop turns on automatically and without pressing the power button
3) battery is available but not charging (now it’s at 69% and I was able to update UEFI because system detects it)
4) I bought a new battery, but the laptop behaves as with the old battery. It’s NOT a battery fault.
5) If the power charger is not plugged, pressing the power button doesn’t turn on the laptop, in spite of battery at 69%.
6) With power charger plugged, charging led is fixed orange
7) MyAsus app detects NO problems
8) At Windows 10 startup, battery icon shows the charging animation of bars: after 20 seconds it stops. I suppose it’s charging for these 20 seconds!
9) I asked for support and they suggested me to follow without success
Again: I bought a new original Asus battery and I have the same problems. It’s not a battery fault

I suppose this happened after a software update but I didn’t get which one.

Please somebody could help me to solve this!
Interesting news: the battery is at 70% now. I suppose it's charging in the first 20 seconds at start! I think it's not a hardware problem!


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Asus chargers for laptops are cheap on ebay. Perhaps buy one to eliminate that possibility or borrow a charger.


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True but even with a new battery you are not getting above 70% charge.
Is there any Asus software installed to control charging?
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It's weird that it turns on when you plug in the charger. I did find a thread for an HP laptop that might be relevant.