Laptop Wont Power On but CPU gets Hot and Keyboard Backlight Turns On

Hello guys!

My laptop, Asus TUF FX505DT, shutdown in a middle of a BIOS update
Every time I turned it on through the power button, there was a screen backlight but nothing on display and LED indicator were working (Power, Charging/Battery, Drive activity, and Airplane mode)

I sent it to repair and they could not fix it

Now, as soon as I plug the charger, the keyboard backlight lights up and the CPU gets hot. Nothing happens when I press the power button. No LED indicator of any kind. No screen backlight. Has anyone seen this issue before? If the MOBO was dead then why does the CPU gets hot and the keyboard backlight turns on? Is it possible that the internal battery is the issue? I am lost in this one.

Can you help?



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There's a damaged motherboard for that laptop on ebay for quite a lot of money. It mentions that the cpu heats up but it doesn't turn on. As you've sent it in for a repair without any success I'd say prepare to replace the laptop. If you replace the motherboard with a new one it will be very expensive. BIOS flashes are rarely needed and if you can't re-flash it when the BIOS corrupts that's effectively game over. See what you can find out about re-flashing the motherboard but don't get too hopeful.