Suddenly blocked from internet, "XPCOM Event Receiver"?

By macx
Jun 6, 2008
  1. SP Pro, SP2, Zone Alarm Security Suite plus AVG Anti Spyware, SSDD, latest Firefox, No Script,

    Turned on my laptop today, won't hook to internet. Noticed it's also blocking manual update to AVG A/S. (I'm on the work intranet computer here) Noticed the ZA suite icon gets overridden by an X during the attempt to connect. When I shut down, there's something that's called "XPCOM: Event Receiver" that has to be ended, never seen that before.

    A search reveals it to be something in FF add-ons. Sounds like somebody snuck something in on me?

    Scanned w/AVG Anti Spyware, turned up a number of tracking cookies.
    Scanned w/SSDD, turne dup a couple things that I deleted.
    No change.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Bobbye

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  3. macx

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    Sorry but the problem is not on shutdown, it's when trying to connect to the internet as I stated. I worked thru most of those solutions, anyway, to no avail. Uninstalled and reinstalled FFox. Tried turning off ZA before I redid FFox, then I could connect. When re-opening ZA it said system error, reboot.
    Now after reinstalling FF ZA doesn't say that so far. Maybe!! - NOPE, when I try to upload this post, the red X pops back up over the ZA icon and the action is blocked. Can only still access the internet by turning off ZA entirely. Help!
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    stop all programs, disconnect from the Internet, and uninstall ZA, then reboot.

    enable the default Windows Firewall(wfw) and connect to the internet and Test.

    If all's well, disconnect from the net again, disable the wfw, reinstall ZA.
    Reconnect and retest.
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