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Nov 25, 2008
  1. Ok. I got this cam for free from a friend. I thought i could find the drivers for it.

    I have been searching for 3 days now for the driver. (google, driver sites, yahoo)

    Found the manufacturer: SunFlower

    Went to their "Website" if you can call it a website -->

    Thought i would get some luck. Of course the chinese manufacturers website is loaded with dead links.

    I am starting to believe this company made this cam as a decoration.

    I am very confused and frustrated. I just need a driver SunFlower!! Is that too much to ask!!!

    Here is the picture of the cam i got : -->

    I really need some help.
  2. CCT

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  3. plaztick

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    Went to the site.
    Went to support center.

    Utility Driver
    * SunFlower WabCame 6538 All OS

    File name Downloaded(in .rar): single.annexA.upgrade.img

    Weird why a image file?

    So i get out my img burner and the file is not a supported img file.
    Tried it with three different burners. Same thing.

    Went to look back at the link.

    Noticed. DSL driver link and Webcam link are the same. Figures.

    So i downloaded the DSL Driver link.

    Another dead end caused by this webcam from hell.

    I also noticed every link on the main page points to nothing. h t t p:// .............................

    Any other ideas?
  4. CCT

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    You can use the 'Contact Us' button and try contacting them, or, look under 'where to buy' and you'll see one still (apparently) working email address.

    You could also just try and force an install using Add New Hardware with the camera attached (if you haven't already).

    It does describe that as plug and play.
  5. LookinAround

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    Don't know if u have XP or Vista. Instructions vary some but do the following

    1. Connect the Web Cam to computer. When Hardware Wizard starts click Cancel
    2. Start->Run, enter devmgmt.msc (if you don't see Run on Start Menu in Vista you can add it to Start Menu properties)
    3. Device Manager should now have an entry with a big yellow question mark (if not seen at top level look under USB devices)
    4. Rt click the yellow question mark entry (probably called Other Devices), select Properties, click Detail tab
    5. I need to know what data is displayed for two items using the pull down menu. Using the pulldown menu select
    ===> For Vista, Device Instance Path and Hardware IDs
    ===> For XP, Device Instance Id and Hardware IDs
    In Vista you can simply copy/paste the data it displays in Details when using the pulldown. NOT so for XP

    For XP, probably easiest to capture the screen image. Or download SysExporter.
    - Click Title column to alpha sort Window Titles
    - The window title with Other Device details should appear in upper pane in SysExporter (maybe more then once)
    - Click those titles until you see the detail data appear in lower pane.
    - Now you click in lower pane then from menu Items->Select All, Items->Copy Selected (Tab Delimited)
    - Then paste into a text file and attach to tech spot post
    - Then look for Device Manager under Title column.
    - If you select that Device Manager entry in upper pane, the
  6. plaztick

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    Yeah i have tried to "plug and play". I was thinking about it and it might require a newer service pack for XP. I currently have SP1 so i'll do an upgrade and see if that works.

    If not. Then i am going to have to call them in China.

    AND O I WILL! >:)

    Thanks very much for your help :)
  7. LookinAround

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    Plug and Play provides your solution if:
    a) You already have the driver
    b) The driver comes packaged as part of Windows (you can be sure you web cam isn't)
    c) You allow Windows to search for the driver AND it can find one (Windows doesn't always find the right one or any one sometimes)

    Follow instructions above so i can attempt to complete the part that plug doesn't
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