Surround Sound Problem

By AceMcbanon
May 17, 2004
  1. I have logitech z640 speaker set and can not get surround sound to work. I can get everything but the rear speakers to work.

    I've changed my settings in windows to 5.1 dolby and my motherboard msi-has the geforce 2 chipset intergrated sound which advertises 5.1 dolby.

    So i'm not sure where the problem lies. I can get each speaker to play a sound file on one of those nividia troublshooting files but thats it.

    Any help would ve appreciated
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    I use Logitech Z-680 speakers with nForce2 Soundstorm audio so I could probably help but I don't have enough information. What motherboard, what OS, what drivers, what are your NvMixer settings, what are your game audio settings. how are the speakers connected.

    As for a sound test here's one from MS that works well...
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