Svchost.exe/Google Chrome memory usage issue

By LoneSword
Apr 16, 2012
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  1. I've been using my friend's netbook recently, and I've noticed that it seems hard for it to open even the smallest programs, taking well over five to ten seconds for them to actually open. Since it's an Asus EEE, processing should be no problem for its motherboard (or so I've been informed). Finally, after skimming through Task Manager, I discovered that svchost.exe and chrome.exe had an unusually high number of entries in the processes list.

    As of right now, with only a single Chrome window open, with only a single tab (this site), there are four entries for chrome.exe, all four totaling 136,400K in memory usage, and eleven entries for svchost.exe, tallying up to 61,500K. Although I couldn't seem to locate any evidence of this thing's total RAM (which is...odd), it's using over 750 MB of physical memory, and it appears to be running at almost 80% capacity.

    Though there are nearly 70 processes running, it still seems to me that svchost.exe and Chrome are needlessly eating up a huge chunk of memory for reasons unknown. I can't imagine this is normal, since on my own laptop it would run no more than a few svchost.exe processes at any one time, and Chrome would only make processes for each time it was open. What can I do to get this to stop?
  2. Cerf

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    You can press shift+esc in Chrome to see whats "eating" Chrome...

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