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May 14, 2006
  1. I have a 40 & 80GB SATA HDD. The 40 has XP and Mandriva dual booted and the 80 pretty much has games and music on it. I only have 2 SATA slots on the mobo, so I have to swap out one of the HDDs if I update. If I buy say a 250GB and change it for the 40, will I still be able to play all my games and have all my saves? If I install my games on the D: drive, replace C:, will the games still work? Is there some info that is stored on the C: regardless? I know my desktop icons won't still be there, but will the games themselves work?
  2. Nodsu

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    Of course there is "some" info stored on C: like the operating systems.. :)

    Your games may or may not work after you reinstall Windows - it depends on how the game was programmed. And of course, where each game keeps its saved games and settings is diferent too.

    Mind you, you can clone the contents of the existing 40GB drive to the new drive and have everything running exactly as before (with the benefit ot having a bigger/faster hard drive). Your new hard drive maker may even supply special software to do this automatically for you.
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    could I just reinstall my game into the same directory? Also, could I use the Windows Settings Wizard or whatever that is go get it going? Obviously the OEM software would be better, but would that work?
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    the big headache here is the registry
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    seagate wizard will copy all over to larger drive no problems
    thats IDE to IDE
    I have done IDE to scsi and it worked
    I don't know if ide to sata will work
    you will even have all your icons to
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