Swapping windows between machines?

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Dec 22, 2007
  1. I have a laptop that came with XP home and i bought a Vista upgrade for the laptop. I have just built a computer that needs an operating system and i am wondering if i can revert the laptop back to XP and use Vista on the new computer. I know that Vista is an upgrade and i will have to put XP on the computer before i get Vista on there, but that shouldnt be difficult. What i'm asking is will i be able to transfer the copy of Vista that i am using on this laptop right now to my new machine?
  2. Blind Dragon

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    short answer - NO

    They want you to buy an OS for each computer.

    why not leave Vista on the laptop and install XP on the new computer
  3. nickc

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    also, I do not know about Vista but an upgrade OS (XP) will go on a computer as a stand alone if put that way.
  4. mscott00

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    Yeah you could do it, but you'll spend a while on the phone with Microsoft to get Vista registered. Just remember it can only be on ONE machine at a time, and if you ever switch you have to call them.
  5. librium

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    thanks for the help guys, i just handled microsoft successfully :D and have 64 bit vista on this bitchin new machine. I bought 32 bit vista home premium at the store and had to have them send me the 64 bit version, which to my suprise, doesnt say upgrade on the disc! I used that to make a clean install on the new machine and reverted the laptop back to xp. Ive really enjoyed the help ive received on this forum so far and ill stick around!
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