Sync Outlook 2003 between PC and laptop

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Hi All,

I have an idea and I'd really really like people's thoughts about it.

I want to sync my .pst files between my desktop and laptop and have been trying to find a solution for ages (that does not cost me anything that is ;) ).

I sync my emails with Yahoo using POP3.

My idea is this.

1. move the default location of my .pst and archive .pst to a specific shared folder on my PC, and then ensure that outlook 2003 can still find it and won't want to redownload all my emails held on the Yahoo server.

2. setup outlook 2003 on the laptop and again move the default location of the .pst and archive .pst to a specified shared folder. (I want to be able to access the yahoo POP3 server with outlook on the laptop, again without having to worry about all my old emails being redownloaded)

3 use synctoy 2 to sync the .pst file and archive .pst files over my network.

I am hoping that if I get it right I can download emails, change the calendar, complete a task or whatever in either copy of the .pst file, then just hit sync with synctoy and voilĂ  - both .pst files are up to date.

What do people think?

I have never used sync toy and when I've tried do things with .pst files in the past I end up downloading all my old emails again. I don't delete them from the server when I download them, as I like to know they're safe.

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