System boot failure

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Jan 1, 2009
  1. hey guys we went out yesterday and cam home to see the power had went out ,, so i went to boot all puters in the house and 1 says boot disk failure insert system disk ,,,, everything was fine till the power went out ,, mine and all others in house are fine but that one ,, any ideas??? before i take it in

    thanks for helping
  2. raybay

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    You might try a boot to repair, but your hard drive is likely gone beyond useful repair.

    I would put it in another machine as a slave, or in an external hard drive enclosure to see if you can read the data. If so, it would be very smart to save your email, documents and settings, accounting files, music, pictures, and anything else that is important to you before you try any recovery options.

    Very often the damage is only to the first 8 sectors of the hard drive, and the data is still available for backup or rescue.

    But sometimes, when you have a power-type failure with a failed power supply, or a temporary failure of you main electricity to the building, the drive can be electrocuted...

    Since it is only one drive, it is likely just a normal hard drive failure... particularly if it is a Maxtor or Hitachi or Samsung which seem to do this all the time nowadays. But even in full failures, if the drive can be encouraged to spin, you can save data.

    If your data is important, and you have never saved data before, it would be wise to find a person who knows how and can assist you.
  3. lilrobo

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    yeah it is making a nosie too like scretching type for a short time ,, like 2 or 3 time thsn it stops
    looks like a HD problem the guy i go to can get the things off and save them form me so i guess that is what i will do

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    hey i have a similar problem, my laptop which is running on vista cannot get past the Microsoft corporation loading screen. i tried the boot up repair and it didn't work, i presses advanced options for system recovery and support, i put my password in and i got a choice of doing: 1. another startup repair 2. a system restore (i'm so stupid i have new restore points) 3. windows complete pc restore (i have no back-up) 5. command prompt(i dunno how to use the Command prompt)
  5. kimsland

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    -It's not the same problem, member has a physical Harddrive fault ie Hardware
    -Also I'm pretty sure this is a PC not a laptop, otherwise it should have gone to -> Mobile Computing forum
    -And how do you know it's not Windows Xp this member actually has or not
    -And to top it off, you must create a new thread just for you, as you have previously done.
    -Posting on someone's thread with your issue is called "hijacking a thread" and is generally frowned upon!

    Before making another New Thread, you could have a look at these options:
  6. raybay

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    You do not have the Windows VISTA install Disk? and Product ID?
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