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system is dead, i have a guess but need help!

By wheaties1187
Aug 3, 2006
  1. a little under a year ago i built a new rig, and got it up and running smoothly thanks to some of the help i got here :) i just ran into a major problem though, so i'm hoping somebody could help me figure this out.

    the other day i went to boot up my computer - i hit the power button and nothing happens. there had been thunder storms last week, and the computer may have been left on at some point (it is on a surge protector). anyways, it was working fine one night and then a few nights later, nothing.

    i didnt have another power supply to test, so i couldnt be sure what the issue was. i did try to clear the bios by removing the battery and switching the cmos jumpers to clear and then back. this didnt help anything so i decided to replace my power supply.

    after i hooked up the new power supply, i crossed my fingers and hit the power - and it looked at first like it did the trick. however, my system didnt POST, it just sat there doing nothing. this is better than not having any power whatsoever, but im not sure what is wrong now.

    im not really sure where to go from here. the mobo light shows green (all good), and there seems to be power to everything. i didnt even change the wiring when i switched out the PS, i just unplugged the old one and replaced it with a very similar model, and reconnected power lines.

    i'm guessing my problem has to do with a cpu/mobo compatibility issue. i have an amd64 3700+ san diego stepping E4, and my mobo is Asus a8n-sli deluxe. this cpu will only run on this board when using a more recent BIOS. my board shipped with bios 1.15, which supports my cpu, so i WAS all set. what im wondering is if i used the jumpers to clear, would it go back to 1.15 defaults, or would it go back to an earlier version (and therefore leave my cpu useless)?

    i guess i hope thats what it is because then i could send the board to asus, but if its not that, than that i think maybe more than just the power supply may be toast :(
  2. dazzer9535

    dazzer9535 Banned Posts: 117

  3. wheaties1187

    wheaties1187 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i talked to asus support and they said it wouldnt go back to an earlier versions. after some tests we determined that it was either the cpu or mobo that went down with the psu. so i just bought a 4200+ dual core to replace my old cpu. if that works great, and if not ill RMA the mobo.
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