systray & sistray both running

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Feb 26, 2005
  1. I have systray and sistray running at the same time, I dont know if they are both important or if they should be running together or if one is something bad.
    This is on my 98 box, from the Ctrl+Alt+Del window.

    From what I have gathered on line they are both the same thing. At least I think.
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  3. Lunatic

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    Okay so I did every thing on that page and it is still there.
    I updated useing the Live Update and Intelligent Updater, set it to scan all files and it wasnt able to find anything.

    This is off the page....
    I did a search for sistrai.exe and found nothing.
    I'm not sure about values added in the registry.

    I do find sistray.exe and systray.exe in C:windows/system
    I am almost sure sistray.exe is part of my video drivers.
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    PS: or maybe not? systray.exe, sistray.exe, sistrai.exe WTF? :blush:
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