T-Mobile says Galaxy S III is the top-selling device of all time

Shawn Knight

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A recent post on T-Mobile's official Twitter account indicates that Samsung's Galaxy S III smartphone has become the carrier's top selling device of all time. It's an interesting revelation considering the handset has only been available for a few months....

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I 100% agree that it's a VERY big mistake to make the device one carrier exclusive given that the main job of Microsoft at this point is to get as many Windows based phones out in the market so that the developers see potential and thus will write apps for it. No devices leads to no developers who target it which leads to no apps for said device, which ultimately leads to lack of market share, which leads to -- HP Touchpad WebOS type of failure...

Sorry to burst your bubble Microsoft, but you don't have Apple types of fans -- fans that would make ultra-religious people seem like Atheists in comparison...


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It also may be the last one. New phones are coming with better specs by end of the year. They may not sell as many copies, but surely will halt S3 sales. It has lived bright but short life. The progress is moving on faster than ever.

The year-end welcomes first 1080P phones. Hooray!


"T-Mobile will look to further extend the sales record as they will probably continue to offer the Galaxy S III for the next six to nine months before it reaches its end of life status."

Am I reading this right? EOL in 6-9 months?