T-Mobile stores will offer same-day smartphone repairs starting November 1

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What just happened? T-Mobile will soon offer same-day, in-store device repairs at some 500 locations across the country. The carrier is partnering with risk management products and services provider Assurant on the effort. It all starts on November 1, at which time T-Mobile customers who are signed up for the company’s Protection 360 plan can use the store locator to find a participating store.

All repairs will be completed by “highly-credentialed” repair technicians, who will use only manufacturer-approved components.

T-Mobile’s Protection 360 plan, which starts at $7 per month plus tax, affords up to five claims per year and includes accidental damage, loss and theft coverage. Enrollees also get AppleCare for eligible Apple devices, unlimited screen protector replacement service (just buy a new screen protector and T-Mobile will install it for you), Jump upgrades and live tech support in the Protection app on Android and iOS devices.

T-Mobile’s press release mentions a $29 screen repair fee. According to the company’s support documents, this deductible seems to be related to AppleCare screen repairs, and does not apply after the first two accidental damage claims or after 24 months from the coverage effective date, whichever occurs first.

What are your thoughts on phone protection plans? I’ve personally never carried insurance on my smartphone as I don’t use it that much and am very mindful to not drop it when I do use it. For other big-ticket purchases, like a television, I’m much more inclined to get the extended warranty, especially with multiple cats roaming the house.

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The biggest problem with owning a smartphone is getting to a licensed repair center that won't rip you the hell off - and even more to the point - getting a good enough job that the phone performs well.

In the middle of the quarantine, I needed to fix my XS MAX' display because thee screen decided to simply stop working. All the apple stores were shut down. I couldn't mail it away and be without a phone. Most service centers were shut down. I managed to find one and was willing to pay almost whatever price they would charge. Ultimately cost me $280. Unfortunately, because of the way these phones are made and waterproofed/sealed, the lower portion of my phone didn't work very well from that point forward. By then, my battery was also showing signs of wearing out. I was more than happy to update to the 12 Pro Max.

TMobile, Verizon and AT&T need to offer on the spot display replacements and on thee spot battery replacements. Apple store's traffic is so high, it's extremely inconvenient.


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Never carried insurance and never will.

When I worked at T-Mobile hq, we had a pilot for instore repair. It was a big failure because there isn't enough room in a retail store to have a bench, tools, and parts to do repairs let alone have enough parts on hand for the various issues for so many different phones. Assurant is NOT a repair company, they are an insurance company... which is laughable that they can actually repair your phone or have the expertise to do so.