T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T all expand 4G-LTE coverage

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Dec 20, 2012
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  1. 'Tis the season to expand your network coverage. December is apparently the month to announce 4G-LTE network expansion plans, the most recent announcement made today by T-Mobile. The value-focused carrier said it'll be increasing its 4G coverage to 14 new...

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  2. psycros

    psycros TS Evangelist Posts: 2,064   +1,531

    A shame that Sprint and T-Mobile won't expand their <b>3G</b> (or any part of their footprints) beyond the largest markets. So many people are dying to leave AT&T and Verizon but have no alternative where they live.
  3. Ahh verizon wireless <3
    49mb/s down where I life..
    + bought my iPhone 5 for full retail keeping me in the unlimited data plan....fapfapfap
  4. MilwaukeeMike

    MilwaukeeMike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,947   +1,256

    The only reason I can imagine you'd want to leave Verizon or AT&T and go to sprint would be unlimited data. Sprint can afford to give out unlmited data because their network is so slow you couldn't possibly use very much. Speed tests in Sprint's network here in Milwaukee range from 400-500 kbps on a good day to as low as 60. You can't stream video or even browse the net of any pages with photos or lots of data, it's just too frustrating. Having your phone trying it's hardest to download something is also a great way to kill a battery.

    I've used their 4G network in Chicago and outside of Ohare, it's not any good either. Speeds are 4-5Mbps, but it disconnects all the time (I've tried on more than one phone). Maybe if you live in a city that is on one of Sprint's maps you'll have better luck. Milwaukee is apparently too small to be worth it for a big effort (since we're behind Chicago and Indianapolis) but too big to be worth it for a small effort (Carmel and Fort Wayne Indiana are getting LTE soon too).

    I wouldn't be so bitter except I signed a 2 year contract with them before knowing these things.
  5. Just wait until VZW changes it's terms of service and eliminates your unlimited data. You're no longer under a 2-year contract since you paid full price and on a month-to-month deal. They'll get you one way or the other.
  6. MauryShufelt

    MauryShufelt TS Rookie

    Sounds like they have you on one of those fancy new Data Share Plans. Except instead of sharing data with other phones with familymembers on your plan, you're sharing data with everyone in the neighborhood.

    When this happened to me in the past, I called TMobile and they in-turn found and called the Homeowners Association in the neighborhood, to build a tower at the end of the street block. If I would have known, the tower would have been approved faster.

  7. kissx

    kissx TS Enthusiast Posts: 73

    I live near dekalb il. The att network must be getting better here.I could not even make a cell call in my house. but now I can. I am also in verizon country. and now I have at least 4 bars of 4g on my galaxy s2 now.
  8. Is there any way to determine which phone company provides the most timely and consistent updates? AT&T seems to do a lot of updates, which keeps them relevant while building its 4G LTE network. I've got the service here in New York and it helps my graphics design work tremendously when it comes to sending large files quickly.
  9. Sprint is slow as hell. tmo is the best value in terms of price and speed/coverage. they just show lowest subscriber amount because they dont OFFICIALLY have the iphone, but those who realize iphone sucks anyways compared to the more technologically advanced android/windows phones already know how much superior tmo is to sprint..

    and tmo is GSM.. easier to sell used phones and travel
  10. Tmo is the best. The money you pay vs. what you get is amazing! 3 people on the line, 2 smartphones with unlimited 2gb and everyone with unlimited talk and text and we pay less than $180. Internet is fast and downloads apps in a snap! Unfortunately as soon as you leave 4g you get 2g, but 2g is fast enough to stream pandora! Very pleased with the phones, we have a s3 and s2. I'm hoping for the note 2 around may, when my contract ends.

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