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Tab key locks in XP normal mode but works in safemode?

By janj001
Mar 9, 2005
  1. Asus "Acontrol.exe" hangs the system?

    Ok - This "acontrol.exe" is some sort of asus utility that must also be in the linux part of the PC. If I disable (or change file name) the PC boots up with no mouse or CD support??

    Anyone know about this Asus utility or were I can find upgrades??


    Found the problem via MSconfig - disabling "acontrol.exe" fixed the problem but then the remote control got permanently new Q: Anyone knows what happens if I just delete this acontrol.exe file... or anyone has a good idea on finding a driver/newer version? (There is nothing on the Asus website)

    PC is a Asus P111 with XP SP2, this PC has an onboard seperat OS that makes it possible to start DVD etc. without booting XP...nice but...
    When I do start XP normally the "Alt" key is allways on and it seams to conflict with the remote control shipped with the PC. I have done Bios upgrade, changed keyboard, changed most settings in the Bios - nothing works. I would like to change the IRQ setting on the normal PS/2 port for the keyboard - but XP will not allow me to do that?

    There are no drivers or settings for the remote control so that is a dead end.

    Any creative ideas??

    (Starting the PC in Safe mode - everything works ok)

    thks // JJ
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