Tablet shipments soared during the lockdowns, iPad remains number one


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In a nutshell: It seems you can add tablets to the list of products that benefited from the Covid-19 lockdowns. With people stuck in their homes, we’ve seen gaming, PC, and laptop sales surge, and new data shows that the slate market also grew in the second quarter of the year.

According to market research firm Canalys, overall tablet sales were up a massive 26 percent in Q2 2020. Just over 37.5 million of the devices were shipped, compared to 29.7 million during the same period a year earlier.

As always, Apple leads the pack. Cupertino shipped over 14 million iPads during the quarter, twice as many as second-place Samsung (7 million), and takes 38 percent of the market share. In terms of actual YoY growth, however, Apple is last with a still-impressive 19.8 percent. Lenovo is top in this area, having experienced a 52.9 percent increase in shipments since Q2 2019.

“Tablets enjoyed a renaissance in Q2 2020 because the devices tick so many boxes for remote work and education use. The ability to collaborate virtually as well as view and interact with digital content has chrome paramount, especially in the education space,” said Ishan Dutt, Canalys analyst.

“The coronavirus pandemic has increased competition for communal screen access between household members forced to stay indoors. Tablets help overcome this problem by allowing each family member to have their own device. And they are more budget-friendly than desktops and notebooks.”

Canalys also listed shipments for the worldwide PC market, which includes tablets. Overall growth for Q2 was up 14 percent, and Lenovo was the top vendor with 20.2 million units. Apple was a close second, having shipped 19.6 million units, while Samsung boasted the largest YoY growth (41.3 percent).

Canalys notes that detachables were some of the best-sellers in the tablet category. To see our pick of the best 2-in-1s available, as well as the top laptops, check out this feature.

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Obviously this was due to distance learning requiring kids to use an iPad or a tablet for their curriculum. Here in NYC, many kids had the option to be given a tablet by the DOE, and they even had a WIFI Bus driven to their neighborhoods to give them internet access.

So I guess that also means their communications and any "images that they sent each other" have been intercepted and filed.


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I'm one of the very few who wants an oversized android tablets (12" or possibly 15"). galaxy view 2 17" tab is nice but it isn't available here in southeast asia.

hopefully the growing shipments would encourage someone to make it.


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I have really been using my tablets since the c virus hit. Mostly FB and games. I have two Lenovos and am super happy with them. Had a Samsung which was great, but age took it from me. Had an Asus, it was terrible. Looked great when I purchased it, but the tech support when I had a problem was terrible.
I recommend Samsung (expensive) and Lenovo (not expensive) but stay away from Asus!


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I've thought many times about getting a tablet. I've thought especially in lockdown, some writing as a hobby would do me some good.


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When it comes to working and studying this tablets end up as toys, your are better serve with a laptop for productivity.