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Taming the Scythe "Ultra Kaze" 120mm fan

By pingpongmury
Apr 28, 2009
  1. I just received a new Scythe Ultra Kaze 120mm fan for my case and it's loud as he||... With my previous fan i could go into the bios and change the fan speed (by setting temp at which the fan speed while increase and by what rate). Although with the new fan installed i cannot change the fan speed one bit.. It always runs around 2850 rpm and doesn't budge... is there something i've done wrong or is this fan unable to have it's speed altered through bios?

    If the speed cannot be changed through bios or some easily available software, would a 5.25" drive bay fan controller work?

    I've looked at the some Zalman controllers but i have no clue what i'm looking for.

    If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations for fan controlling software or controller panels for taming this monster (all 50 db's of it) please let me know.

    Thank You,
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