Task Manager disabled, popups from IE

By Dadof3
Jan 28, 2009
  1. Post not allowing for attaching HJT Log File

    Cannot start the computer in Safe Mode. Comes up with a blue screen and white text telling me there is either a virus or unconnected hard drive. Computer boots in normal Windows mode.

    Have run CCleaner 2x, AVG Anti Spy, Super Anti Spy, AdAware. Avast Anti Virus.

    Can not install Malaware, error message is displayed.

    Cannot update AVG Anti Virus, says cant connect to internet,

    Task Manager was deleted, but reset it with Chedder fix found on this forum.

    Pop-ups come from I.E.

    post does not allow for attaching Hijack This Log (looks to be disabled

    Super Anti Virus removed: Trojan.Aff- Your Thumbs, Trojan.Unclassified/MSCTRL, Rogue.Windows, Security Advisor, Trojan.Unclassified/MSFOX

    Thank you for your help...
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