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May 13, 2012
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  1. Sometime in the last week or so, something occurred that caused me to lose all tabs in my task manager. I use task manager a lot, so this is a major inconvenience. I tried a system restore to three months ago, when I know task manager was working normally, but this did not fix the problem.

    Maybe I'm missing something stupid, here. Is this Windows corruption, or did I somehow accidentally turn all the task manager tabs off?

    A screenshot is attached to show you what the problem looks like. I did not crop the image: that is a clean Alt + PrintScreen of task manager. That is all I see when I pull task manager up. Please excuse the dark coloring, that is normal (for me) as I work in a dark environment.

    Ideas? My Google-fu is weak on this problem.

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  2. ruready2

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    What version of Windows are you running? If you are running Xp click HERE and try this solution.
  3. LNCPapa

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    Double click the top portion of the taskman - where it's grey.
  4. mike1959

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  5. LookinAround

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    fyi tip: If you use task manager a lot you should also checkout Process Explorer. I like it a lot. It's task manager on steroids! It does everything task manager does and much, much more
  6. SNGX1275

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    This is the right answer.

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