Tech deals: Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 16GB for $159, 24" 1080p UltraSharp $243, 5TB Seagate drive $160


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Good through next Monday, Dell offers an extra 10% off electronics and accessories including a 24-inch IPS display that features a particularly thin bezel in the event that you want to grab more than one while it's at $243, as well...

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The y40 would be so perfect if it wasn't for the intentionally anemic processor. I know its supposed to be portable but I don't know if I can trust it because I keep hearing about people with performance issues.


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The dell 24" ultrasharp model u2414 at 243$ is really a wow price point for me.
competing brand Samsung series 3 gaming monitor, 23", full HD, 2ms response time, is priced around 13000php (Philippine peso); series 5 gaming monitor is still not displayed by any Samsung show room (that I'm aware of).