TechSpot makes my browser lock up

There must be a JavaScript condition that makes my Firefox (80.0.1 64-bit) lock up. Having to wait several times for 5-10 seconds makes browsing your site quite frustrating. Even in getting to the forums to post this, I hit several "roadblocks". Can you review your code?

Julio Franco

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We've made no major changes to our frontend code in the past week. I also just tried TechSpot in the same browser (latest Firefox) without problems.

Are you using add-ons or other modifications that could be causing an incompatibility?


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FWIW, I'm using FF 80.0.1 64 bit without any issues too. At this time I don't have any add-ons installed either.


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I'm getting tab crashes in Firefox. But I don't think it is related to any one site specifically.

I have FVD Speed Dial and uBlock Origin installed. I haven't tried ruling either of them out just yet. Simply put I'm not willing to test a whole week or more without them. If the crashes get worse I may reconsider.


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Competition between browsers is intense and all the big names do a good job. Try a few alternatives and if there are issues you know you have something to worry about. I expect that you could substitute an older version of Firefox if you can't do without it and are unable to resolve this in a timely manner.