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May 24, 2008
  1. I have a 780i Evga mobo and a q6600. Also i am running a evga 8800 gt akimbo 1gb video card.

    I was wondering if hwmonitor is the best program for temps and also if the following temps were ok.

    q6600 temps

    core #0 - 47 C
    core #1 - 47 C
    core #3 - 44 C
    core #4 - 43 C

    Also what is the best core 2 quad heatsink and fan ?

    The temp for the 8800 gt Akimbo is

    58 C

    So if anyone could reply it would be very much appreciated. Thanks
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    Try http://www.techpowerup.com/realtemp/ for your hardware monitoring, I don't think HWMonitor is compatible with your system. Saying that, I've heard it said that your temps are really just 10 degrees lower than what that tells you, which would give you similar temps to me of around 35 C, and I have a Q6600 with a scythe ninja on top.

    Saying that, if I stress test my system with BurnInTest on max settings my temps shoot up to 70 C, haven't figured that 1 out yet.
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    Are those idle or load temps?
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