The Best Brand of Laptops

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Mar 19, 2007
  1. Im thinking about getting a New Laptop. Was going to get a Desktop but a Laptop would be much kooler lol. But what would be a better choice. Dont just say all of them are good lol. But i dont really know which would really stay with me for the longest. Especially running Windows Vista.
  2. twite

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    Almost every person has a different opinion, so rather then telling you which to buy, i will tell you which not to buy. i think 90% can agree that sony viao, alienware, voodoo are a waste of money. Every other brand, people either swear buy them, or swear at them. Now, you need to be more specific on what exactly you want to do with it. A desktop has a waaay better price to performance. If mobility is what you want, obviously you want a laptop. If the laptop is going to be glued to your desk, and you just want it to "look cool", then be logical and go with a "cool" desktop. If you are gaming, go with a desktop. Now be more specific and we can recommend you actual models, brands. If you are video editing/graphics, some will recommend a mac. Although i personally don't like macs, it's all just a matter of opinion. And a desktop, 50 times to 1, will last you longer then a desktop.
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    Ok i know that Laptops are not really made for Gaming. I just wanna you know do some MSN. Maybe some forums, Myspace, Typing, and basic Computing. This will be my first ever Laptop and it will be preloaded with windows Vista so no Macs. But the only gaming i would be maybe guild wars or WoW.
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    you cannot go by brands, you have to go by features and what you intend to do.
    At a minimum a laptop must have decent wifi
    decent battery life
    and ample storage space.
    Unless you have oodles of money - don't buy a laptop for gaming.
  5. Nodsu

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    How much money do you have? (Do you want a $500 laptop or a $5000 laptop?)
    Is mobility important to you? (Would you be interested in lugging around 10 pounds of laptop?)
    Is battery life important to you? (Would you fancy a laptop that requires you to run between wall sockets?)

    You most certainly want something with 3 years of warranty (you can sometimes buy extra waranty packs if the base model has only 1 year). (And ThinkPads are the best brand) :p
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