The Best Gaming Monitors... in $100 Increments


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Have currently lg 38gn950, excellent monitor but in coupole of years, when I'll see an oled in same size I will switch. 34 inch alienware is nice, but bit too small for productivity for my use case.


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I'm using a Dell S3220DGF 32" LED Curved QHD FreeSync Monitor. 2560x1440p, 165Hz (through DP, otherwise 144Hz through HDMI)

I picked it up two black Fridays ago. Was on sale at $350, from originally $550. Dell is selling them on their site currently for $330 should anyone currently be interested.

The panel type for this monitor is a VA. I'm not big on panel types and what is better and so on, but from what I gather the VA is a panel that's somewhere in between an IPS and TN, not as good as the IPS, but better than a TN.

I set the monitor to run at 120Hz, enabled FreeSync and things look really nice.

I want to let folks know that when I did order this monitor and when it arrived to my place via UPS, the box looked like it was dragged across concrete. Corners were torn, the box was all scratched to hell....almost reminded me of what the box looked like from the intro on Ace Ventura. Thankfully the monitor had zero issues.

It might be a good monitor choice for that $300-400 range for some people.


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Great breakdown by price points. While I like to window shop for nicer ones, it is a real stretch for me to approach $300 for any single component or peripheral.

While I am not a graphics fanatic, and I don't notice lower quality settings in-game as long as my framerate does not dip drastically below 30 FPS, I learned the hard was that pixel density DOES matter to me. I bought an MSI 27" 1080p 144hz monitor that was great for games, but the text always looked fuzzy, like it had a shadow. ClearType tuning did not make it go away. Since I spend more time reading than playing games, I finally had to get rid of it, and bought a 27" 1440p 75hz monitor. It is MUCH clearer to me.


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A year ago I bought an MSI Optix MPG341CQR 34" 3440x1440 UWHD 144Hz curved monitor.

I am very happy with this, for my mostly text / excel / browsing uses plus some off-line fps gaming. It's very well made with great clarity and sturdy hardware.

I had worried about the curvature or that it might be too wide. Neither one is any problem; in fact the (mild) curvature helps everything, and my desk has room for even a 38" unit which I believe I'd like even better. I don't think I'd like one of the more sharply curved "gaming" monitors.


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I saw m32u for 600 recently. I felt upset because I financed m28u....
Damn it newegg, why you do this?
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On it's recommendation I bought the AOC 24G2 and I'm loving it compared to my older Viewsonic 24" VA @ 75Hz everything is now nice and clear and sharp and running at full speed


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I can't wait for Techspot's review of the Alienware AW3423DW!

Mine isn't arriving until June 9th- plenty of time to see if there are any major issues. Yes- other reviews have commented on the text having chromatic aberration, but most reviewers said it's not noticeable for most people unless they're pixel peepers. Frankly, I don't care!

Games are going to look incredible.


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I have the older non-OLED Alienware AW3423DW and it's a great monitor, but the stand - which looks largely unchanged in the new version - is awful. It's a huge lump of pointless 'gamer-styled' metal which juts out a very long way from the back of the monitor. If you have your desk against a wall it forces the monitor to sit way forward from the wall taking up all the desk. In the end I was forced to get a monitor arm just to push it away from me and now have to store the legs.