The Best Laptops 2020: Our top recommendations


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From what I can tell, if you're planning on getting a gaming laptop, I wouldn't get one just yet. At the least, NVidia still has some announcements to make with their GPUs...


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Any chance you guys can add mobile workstations to your recommendations? More and more people are using them for things like SolidWorks, particularly in this "work from home" social environment today, and it would be nice to have good solid recommendations for those as well.

I've been using mobile workstations for 8+ years now, since I (normally) have to travel for design & engineering work. Looking at a new replacement for my older Dell Precision workstation now, so it's fresh on my mind right now...
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I bought a Huawei matebook not too long ago cos techradar and many other sites said it's a very good macbook but with Windows clone. I should have picked one from here as I totally disagree. Screen is too dim, speakers too quiet, fans too noisy, not enough ports and I can't get either of my three Huawei mice to pair, though they pair with everything else.


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That Dell G5 is currently not available... and the other iterations of it cost well more than $690.


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What about the 600 dollars Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15 inch 4500u? Seems like the best budget laptop at the moment, from what I've read.

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I understand they're not for everyone... but where is the desktop replacement category?

Some of us still use 10+ pound laptops because they need the horsepower of a desktop and still need to move around...


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Second/Third the request for desktop replacement / mobile workstation.

This article is missing any mention of reliability and hardware repair/replacement support. What is each vendor's track record for fixing issues? How long will the purchaser be without their laptop and how much will they pay in shipping and other costs?

Many of these devices are designed right up to their thermal and other limits. There will be many users who learn these are not academic concerns.
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Saying the power and terminally limited Macbook Air is the best Macbook for most people is fine I suppose as long as "most people" only want to browse with a couple of tabs open and nothing else.
I find it strange that the Dell G5 is listed as the best budget laptop when it runs hotter and is slightly slower than almost all of the similar AMD models. Not saying it is bad but the best?


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I know every manufacturer has gone bonkers like the smartphone companies to make everything they produce "slim, sexy, colorful & stylish", but can you at least put back the 10 KEYPAD please? In business applications, I use it A LOT.


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Wow no mention of the Acer Swift 5?!? It's the lightest 14" laptop available (sometimes I don't even feel it in my backpack & have to double check to make sure it's there!), thin bezels, touchscreen, and has better specs than many of these laptops (512gb NVMe, 16gb RAM, Icelake CPU) all for $999!
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