The best PCI video card

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May 27, 2007
  1. I'm trying to upgrade my PC to run my games smoothly and I was wondering what is the best PCI (not PCIE) video card out there?
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    Do they even make pci cards still?
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    Use AGP if you can.ATI Radeon X1650 is a good choice.Thats my next upgrade soon.
    It's also a good dvd viewer card.
    Go to ATI website first for gameing recommendations.
    Then Newegg.But i recommend a boxed version complete with manual and cdrom.
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    PCI video card as a secondary card

    I'm looking for a PCI video card as a secondary card. Need the realestate for development (photoshop, 3dsmax, VS 2003 and 2005) My primary card is a GeForce 7600 GS PCIe card (not the greatest but I plan to upgrade that as well) Currently I am running dual flatscreen monitors. I want to add a third monitor (and maybe a forth) that will be used primarily for the pallettes of the software I use. If I want to play games or videos I will run them on the monitors using my PCIe card.

    Price is not so much the decider. I just want to figure out what is the best PCI card I can buy. I only have a PCI available slot on my ASUS P5B motherboard.

    Any input would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for any insight.

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    See post #3.
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    Uhh yes, I read post #3... Looking for a better card. I was hoping someone would come back with other options. No worries, thanks though.

    Tedster, sorry for posting this in the "Other Hardware" forum. In the future I will make sure my posts are in the correct forum. Also, thanks for the link. Very informative.

    Thanks again all!
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    What I'd do is check all the games you play making notes of minimum required Video specs.. takes time but worth while.. then read the specs on any NEW Current GAME you are considering... I recommend to all my customers, do this then purchase any Video card you prefer that is at least 2 steps higher than what you currently need.
    A sample: if you need a NVidia 7300GS to do all you want, then recommend you get a 7600GS.
    If you need a ATI x700 go to a x800XL.
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    Best PCI video card is the 8500 GT from England(I have one myself) See my posts in the other thread mentioned in post #3. Next best cards are the ones mentioned in post #3.
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    Best PCI Cards in America

    - Diamond Stealth X1550 PRO 256MB PCI
    - Diamond Stealth HD2400 PRO 256MB PCI
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