The Best SSDs and PC Storage - 2022 Update


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For me, the "best" is "more".

I want larger capacities.

Thus far, the speeds of Crucial, Samsung, WD and a few others are not my concern. They transfer more than fast enough. Same goes for their write endurance/reliability. They've performed well enough for me.

I want larger storage capacity.

10TB or larger.


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"Two things set the Seagate drive apart even from drives that use the same components, such as the Kingston KC3000 and Corsair MP600 Pro XT. The first is an endurance rating of 2,550 terabytes written (TBW) for the 2TB version, compared to about 1,500 in its competitors. The other is a 3-year data recovery service, in addition to the 5-year warranty -- a worthy addition when the data on your drive is worth more to you than the drive itself."

Not good enough reasons Amir...! Why...?! Because both are Time-Driven...!

An Enthusiast will definitely change its rig after a short time when new SSDs (G4 or G6) with higher capacity, speed and endurance come to market which would be a lot sooner than expiration of those Two factors...!


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No Optane Drive recommendation for crazy people like myself? Unless you sit around shifting large files around, Optane 900p/905p are still the fastest kids on the block in many cases. The p5800x is an absolute beast and should be on the list. Sure, they're pricey, but if we weren't enthusiasts, we wouldn't be here in the first place.

Aus spot

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Correction Iron wolf drives are available up to 18tb and the ironwolf pro 20tb.

Hard to find sometimes, but available.


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I really want to see more m.2 NVME SSDs in larger capacities than 2TB. I've seen a few 4TB ones but they are super expensive. With limited m.2 slots and PCI-E lanes it's difficult to have a ton of pure NVMe storage in a single machine, until capacities increase.


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How would it work to use the SanDisk Extreme Pro (USB 20 Gbps) as a boot drive and for running games from? I'm interested in doing that.

I figure the drive should be approximately as fast as a SATA III internal SSD. Thank you.


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Haven't seen appreciable differences in day-day use of inexpensive NVME or SATA SSDs like Crucial, Team, etc. to pay the premium for the "name brand" Samsung, WD, etc. As for home NAS I have done just fine with a QNAP TS-231 (on sale for $169 with dual GB ethernet currently in failover mode (my router doesn't support trunked mode) with a shucked ext WD MyBook 8 TB HD as my main NAS drive with a 500 GB Team cache drive that is currently going on three years with zero problems. My only disappointment has been the loss of Google Drive sync to the NAS as the app I used to use on QNAP has been discontinued and haven't been able to get it working since. The NAS is suitably backed up locally on removable HD and offsite.