The Best Tablets - 2022 Update


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I miss the days of good small android tablets. The LG G pad 8, the nexus 7 and nexus 9, all running the play edition of android with no BS....

I dotn want a 10+" tablet but iOS is a total no go for me.


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As long as I can't run a self-written application on iOS tablet I have no reason to look at them at all, so Android is the only option for me. Samsung is as well very good with samsung notes, which is one of the best note taking application on market and that is enough to make me happy user.

I miss the days of good small android tablets. The LG G pad 8, the nexus 7 and nexus 9, all running the play edition of android with no BS....
I think you still can get Xiaomi 8.0 Inch Tablet MI Pad 4 . Not sure if that had a recent refresh, but it is still solid device.
I agree that if you need something to use for MS Office, or general laptop replacement, the Surface Pro is the best tablet option here.

However the final price on Surface products is always way higher than you anticipate. The $899 mentioned here is for the 8GB RAM model, which is practically useless for windows. You'll want to get at least 16GB RAM, and that bumps the price to $1400. Add some extra disk storage and a keyboard and there's no ceiling to how high it can go. At that point you might as well get the Macbook Air, or regular Macbook and have it all. You'll get better hardware, better battery, and a solid keyboard.



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they are arguably not the best tablets.

Why? I would say they are the "best" tablets for one reason. Everyone has one and uses them endlessly every day. Now, they aren't the best at cranking out spreadsheets or word docs, but you can do that with a phone. They can be used with external displays and keyboards which could make them more useful as a one-and-only device.

I think your tablet definition is pretty good, but I would say that it's not the "ability" to work without a keyboard that defines a tablet, it's that the interface is touch-centric. The Surface Pro, which is a fine machine, is not really touch-centric. Windows was not designed for touch and it shows. (To be fair, MacOS wasn't designed for touch either).

Likewise, the iPad wasn't designed with keyboard and mouse in mind, though we now have that ability as well. Personally, the keyboard interface is fine but the mouse support is still a bit kludgy. It's really not a mouse as much as it's emulating finger touches with a mouse device.


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I love my iPad Pro. It literally does everything I need a computer to do except game. And I game less and less these days.


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One thing that doesn't usually impress me is size.
But when I reach for my 12 1\2 incher and expose it, it never fails
and most don't hesitate to say, "That is one huge Samsung!"

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The tablet "market" is basically dead.

iPad sits on top of the market - offering virtually every possible feature that can be offered while all the competitors basically fizzled out simply because apple corned the profit margins making virtually everything else unprofitable.


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I've been window shopping and researching for a new tablet. Are there any midrange or high end tablets that still come with 3.5mm P2 phone jacks? I couldn't find any.

It's a shame on Samsung that now only the top of the line S8+ uses an AMOLED display with the lesser versions using regular TFT LCDs. And I've heard the TFT / IPS LCDs on some other brands are better than Samsung's. AMOLED was the main reason I always purchased Samsungs for portable devices, but I don't need a S8+ and I won't pay the asking price for it just for the AMOLED screen.

The Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 is probably the best bang for buck nowadays for those looking for a midrange Android tablet. Based on reviews I've read and watched, it has better display quality than LCD Samsungs, and better camera. Biggest drawback for me is that it doesn't have a card slot so you're stuck with internal memory only.