Build a PC The BSOD - New System unstable (Prime95 Error)

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i have had problems with the BSOD ever since i put together my new computer about 1½ month ago.
It happens very often and seems totally random.

My new computer consists of the following:
- CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550
- Motherboard: Asus P5Q-E
- CPU Cooler: Scythe Ninja 2
- PSU: Corsair HX520
- Graphiccard: Asus EN9600GT
- Memory: OCZ Reaper PC8500 2x2 GB
- Harddrive: 2x 500 GB Seagate 7200.11

I have installed Windows Vista 64 Ultimate and have my 2 harddrives set up in Raid 1 (one of them i sent back for a replacement currently).

Everything is currently set to default in the bios, except i have changed the DRAM Voltage to 2.20 V to be sure that the Memory gets the right voltage.

I have been trying to find out what is causing the problems that makes the system give me the Blue Screen of Death all the time, but unlucky so far.

The error messages i get is either IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL (0xA), PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA (0x50) or MEMORY_MANAGMENT.

By looking at the stop codes it seems to be either defect hardware in form of memory in either the RAM, CPU or Graphiccard, or a Driver error.

I have tried with only one RAM dimm in the motherboard at the time, and in different slots. Also i have tried underclocking the RAM. All of it with no success.

I have run MemTest86 without any errors.

Yesterday i then decided to try to run Prime95 (25.6).
I ran with 4 threads because of the 4 cores.

First time it only ran for 6 minutes then one of the threads stopped with the following error:
FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.4970703125, expected less than 0.4
Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.

I tried to run it 3 times afterwards. All of the times one or more (1-3 threads / cores) of the threads stopped with the following error, within 2-6 minutes:
FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4
Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.

I didnt get a BSOD any of the times the threads stopped because of an error.

I had the HWMonitor and CpuZ open all the time and the CPU didnt get hotter than 56-57 Degress on one of the cores (which should be okay), it was lower on all other cores.

I have downloaded IntelBurn, but didnt dare to try it out as it should stress the CPU even more than Prime95.

I have no idea what to do now.

Can someone help me ?



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Is overheating possible?
It only gets 56-57 Degress on one core (less on the other cores) when running Prime95 Blend Stress Test.
I have 3 big case fans (120mm) and 1 big fan (120 mm) on the CPU Cooler, and the power supply isnt in the same room as the rest (Antec Performance One P180 Case)

The BSOD seems totally random. Just by using IE or FF or listning to Music.

My guess is that the BSOD i get is because of the same error when running Prime95.
At least i hope.

But i dont know what is causing it.


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I have the newest Bios (1306) installed.

Also i have just run 3D Mark Vantage (Trial version) without any problems.
I tried Intel Burn Test, first with the lowest settings and then medium and the 1 pass with Max.
I didnt experience any problems.

On core #0 it only got up to 61 degress at max.


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My CPU voltage is changing between 1.10 V and 1.20 V depending on the load. Is that to low ?


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Tonight while sleeping i have run 12 passes of MemTest with everything in the bios set to default / auto (5-5-5-15 - tighter timmings), and the DRAM Voltage to 2.20 V.

It gave me 210 errors !

I then tried setting it manually to 1066 mhz, 5-5-5-18 and still 2.2 V, and within 1-2 minutes it already got the first error.

It is pretty weird though as i have earlier run 24 passes without any problems with one dimm at the time. Also no problems under Intel Burn Test or running 3D Mark Vantage (trial version).

So i better test the RAM dimms on at the time again and see what happens.

I am wondering if the bios could be the reason for the RAM errors and should i try going back to etc. the 0610 version ?

The CPU cant be the reason for the memory errors in MemTest ?


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I have done some further Testing of the RAM.

With one dimm inserted at the time, i still got errors both when setting everything to Auto, setting them manually, or underclocking them.

I didnt get these errors last time i tested with MemTest.

I am wondering if the CPU can cause the RAM to fail when running MemTest ?

Or can i be totally sure that it is the RAM when tested with MemTest ?

Should i Try downgrading the bios to an old version ? Is there any chance that the RAM errors is caused by the Bios ?


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Asus boards are notoriously picky about RAM. Is what you have OKed by them?

Your correct CPU voltage should be available at by downloading a processor specific data sheet.

I checked and boot Vcc is said to be 1.10 Volts. At least as much as I was able to understand the spec sheet
Hey, try this...

Hey OP, I have the same board and processor as you but different ram. I've been experiencing random BSODs as well and I think I've resolved mine somewhat though I may need to tweak a bit more to get Prime95 to run properly but my system has been running quite a bit stable for a while without any BSODs.

Here's what you could try... 'Disable DRAM Static Read' and 'DRAM Read Training' or something of that manner, not sure about their exact names in the BIOS.

If it still blue screens, try upping your NB(north-bridge) voltage. The default is 1.10v and I've explicitly set mine to 1.20 and may have to raise a bit more to get prime totally stable, not sure yet though. I went to 1.30v and the letters turned yellow so it kind of made me uneasy.

Good luck though and I hope you resolve you issue. BSODs can be a real pain, especially random ones.
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