The Cornerplay: The iPhone 6 is DOA and the iPhone 6 Plus is the killer

By Jeffrey Yuwono · 58 replies
Sep 10, 2014
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  1. [parsehtml]<p><a href=""><img src="" /></a></p> <p>I don&rsquo;t even know why Apple bothered with the iPhone 6, because it will go the way of the iPhone 5C: a niche product; <a href="">a consolation prize</a>; the budget choice for Apple loyalists; something you get begrudgingly and regret later. One estimate is that the iPhone 5S sold&nbsp;3x better&nbsp;than the 5c.</p> <p>I expect a similar share between the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus. Ok, so it&rsquo;s not&nbsp;dead&nbsp;on arrival, but it will be the ugly step-sister to Cinderella. Except for personal preference over size and price, the iPhone 6 Plus is categorically the superior phone.</p> <p><a href="">Read the complete article.</a></p>[/parsehtml]
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  2. I don't care about the features a phone has. I never use them. I use my iPhone for business and as long as I can text, email, access the web and actually phone someone, it does the job! I still use a 3GS!!

    The reason I Iike the iPhone is it's easy to use and intuitive. I find android dull and complicated compared to the iPhone and I'm sure others will gladly disagree with me. Personal preference every time.

    Manufacturers have dug themselves a big hole and can only sell phones on 'bigger and better' features. Some may have guessed form this post that I'm an old person and don't spend my life as a 'mobile slave' and I thank the lord that I'm not.
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  3. I'm sorry but outside of elitist Android users who don't know why they're buying the phones they buy, 720p doesn't mean mid tier. Also not everyone wants oversized phones you can't fit in your pockets.
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  4. It bugs me how highly priced these iPhones are, on contract the 128GB Plus is still $499! And as pointed out by many others, much of the tech has been available on Android or Windows Phone for more than a year or two. The cheapest iPhone 6 off contract is something like $650, too.
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  5. I'm probably not going to get either because the screens are too big. I thought the iPhone 5 design was almost perfect. I was glad to see the return of the original rounded edges though. I had the original HTC One S. That phone I thought was genuinely a better design than the iPhones from Apple. Then HTC changed the design and hasn't gone back.

    And even though I still think it needs some work, the Moto X has a better design.
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  6. But if you already have an iPad mini retina then the plus is too close to it so pointless spending the extra for it.
  7. Skidmarksdeluxe

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    "I think most people who choose Apple do so because they want the best".

    Yeah, right!... The truth of the matter is that they're no better or no worse than any of the top players. It's all about perception, something that Apple are the 'best' at getting across. There's absolutely nothing mythical about them at all.
  8. I think the author has a point, but I also think he is overreacting quite a bit in terms of the impact he thinks this is going to have. I've lived with a 5.5" Galaxy Note 2 for almost 2 years now. That one carries a 720p display and rarely have I felt that the resolution was inadequate. Shrink that down to 4.7" on the iPhone 6 and I fail to see the issue here. Only spec junkies or nearsighted people who like to plant their face in the display when not wearing contacts or glasses will notice the difference.

    As for the camera and battery life, we will have to wait until the reviews come out to make a judgement on how big a deal it is. How much of a difference it makes completely depends on what is more important to each individual user. Personally, I need the bigger screen because I use my phone more as a mini computer than an honest to God phone (in fact, I hate make phonecalls with a passion). If that was not the case, I'd probably have picked something smaller. The Note 2 fits in my pocket, but just barely. 5.5 inches -is- big for a phone, not matter how you put it.

    In terms of the iPhone 6+ being an iPad mini killer, I'm not so sure about that either. The difference in screen size is huge. I got an iPad mini with retina display almost a year ago because I felt that my 5.5" phone just wasn't big enough to comfortably surf and read on during those 30+ minute train rides. The mini fits in the pocket of my jacket, so it's not that much more difficult to bring with me and it just feels sooo much less claustrophobic to use. As a result, I could probably ditch the Note 2 and live just fine with the 4.7". In short, it works both ways.
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  9. "The only reason to purchase the iPhone 6 over its superior sibling is price and the perception that 5.5-inches is too large."

    This is preposterous. Maybe if you are 6 feet + and 190 lbs, but if you are a whopping 5'8" and 130 lbs then trying to stuff a 5.5" screen phone in your pocket sucks. I'll stick with smaller screens.
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  10. Jim$ter

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    I think only time will tell. I'm a spec junkie but I will be getting the 4.7" not the jumbo 5.5" Sure I would love HD screen, I would LOVE LOVE better battery life, and I would love the better camera but I'm a guy. I don't want something so mammoth lugging around in my pants pocket. Basically all those specs will be at least the same as the 5 I have now. Disappointing yes... But I also need more space..So Apple is forcing me to spend another $100 to get the 64GB version. I think once the first crop of people who think bigger is always better start changing their tune to bigger is sometimes too big the 6 will start surging in sales. Hopefully the 6s or the 7 will give the full spec treatment to the smaller model. Apple needs to stop going protruding camera and a larger battery. I would gladly have a thinker phone than my iPhone 5 if it meant I could go all day without a re-charge. And they need to go up, way up on the memory. 16GB should not of existed this time. It is a pure money grab for anyone who knows 16GB is way to little now adays.
  11. What a load of pathetic and mis-informed reporting in this article.

    For one, the iphone has NEVER had the superior camera in the smartphone market.

    The Nokia LUMIA 920 still kicks it's arse all over the market and has been dong for over two years now, and still is.

    What a crock
  12. I don't see how you say 1080p 5.5 in screens are "flagship level" when Android phones are running 2k screens now. If we are going to throw Apple into the spec war, then we need to compare it with the flagships they are competing with. Otherwise, we need to take a look at the reasons why people buy iPhones. They are not that they are seen as "being the best," as anyone who knows tech could plainly explain. Rather, they do so for comfort and ease of use. For most, the iPhone was their first smartphone. They know their way around it, and they know what to expect from it. Apple is now taking ques from the market to produce larger phone options with better battery life. Maybe android manufacturers should take a cue from Apple in unifying the interfaces and taking out all the extra bloatware.
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  13. supertech

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    I will be getting the 6 just because of size. Where the heck am I going to put a 5.5" phone? My pockets are going to explode.
  14. techanswers1

    techanswers1 TS Rookie

    What do you mean by "128GB Plus is still $499!"? Apple just announced the new tier for the iPhone 6/+ and I know about the over price portion but just remember the S5 is about the same price but doesn't start at 128GB and if you get the 64GB adding 64GB mircosd card would be the same price maybe even more than what apple is offering.
  15. stateofjermaine

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    Ha, I have to disagree. I see no way in the world the average iPhone user is going to jump from a 4.0" device to a 5.5" device. One look at that thing in person and I can already imagine the horrified expressions. I think the iPhone 6 Plus will be the model for über-Android users who'd like to reach across the aisle, and the iPhone 6 will be better suited to a current 4s/5s user's tastes, and will probably take the majority of the market.
  16. Well for an iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Retina user, going to 5.5 in - I am still not sure about 4.7 - I just have to see how it fits in my pockets - yes 1080p resolution would be nice - but it to not a killer.

    Let's be realistic here, this is a phone and not a tablet - I was actually concern that the Mini is too small as tablet - but I started liking it and I used it all the time. I do like the larger sizes in storage - but my devices are 64G and planned to go 64G iPhone 6 (4.7). I don't believe I need 128G but for me that would be better option than 5.5. I do a lot of Latin dancings and take videos of the moves.

    It is so funny android users complain about prices of iPhone when there are Android models with similar or even higher in price. I remember when larger phones came out and complain about iPhone size - I am not so sure if iPhone 6 will fit correctly in jeans pocket - but I sure the 5.5 will have issues.

    Well it time for me to upgrade - so I probably be getting an 4.7in iPhone 6 - I planned to keep my iPhone 5 in my truck as a music player. A little over kill but it has more space than my 8g Nano.
  17. Must.not.feed.the.trolls!
  18. Nobina

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    If you have 5S there is no need to upgrade to 6 unless it's 6 plus and you like huge screens.
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  19. mctommy

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    Baseline price for all phones in this range is roughly about the same... not sure what the complaint is. If you look on T-Mobile which has the true cost without subsidy, Iphone 6 will start $649 which is roughly the same as Galaxy S5. Iphone 6+ will start at $749 which is similar to what the Note 3 sold for when it came out.
  20. Rippleman

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    Quote: "If you’re deciding between the two iPhones, if you can afford it, I urge you to pick the superior version."

    Buy the one that is superior to YOUR needs, not the writers.
  21. Rippleman

    Rippleman TS Evangelist Posts: 811   +371

    in your opinion. There is differences that some (like myself) feel the jump is not just "huge screens".
  22. The iPhone 6 Plus:

    - Much larger screen
    - A higher resolution screen.
    - Optical image stabilization (this is BS)
    - Bigger battery
    - One-handed mode (also known as the phone is too big for you)
    -- Potential for running two apps at once, but I expect this feature will only appear for iPads.

    The iPhone 6 Plus is a clearer iPad mini killer, at least until the only put dual app-mode into the iPad mini and iPad Air. I am a bit surprised that they released 16 GB iPhone 6 models considering that most new apps will now be coming with 2x and 3x icons, thereby bloating their size.
  23. I think exactly the opposite. I think the 6 Plus is too large and won't sell as well as the 4.7" version. I don't know very many people at all who carry devices of any platform larger than 5", which seems to be the sweet spot. The few people I know who DO have something like the Galaxy Note or the Lumia 1520 are older people with bad eyesight. Of course, time will tell, but I'll be very surprised if the 6 Plus sells better than the 6.
  24. Nobina

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    Do I really have to say it is my opinion in order for you to understand it? I wrote it, ofcourse it's my ****ing opinion, I don't need you to tell me that. God, Apple fanboys that use Android are even worse.
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  25. "Must.not.feed.the.trolls!"

    Troll is everywhere here.. shouting "I troll you!!"
    you must make up your mind, trolling back or get rolled by them..
    "troll or roll" :D

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