The Cure for Crysis Won't Start in Windows 7 64

By WinnRig
Aug 26, 2014
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  1. Just installed Crysis in Window and it won't start then this is the fix. BUY IT FROM ORIGIN. No need to read further but below is the story.

    I've had Crysis for years and recently upgraded from AMD to Intel. 4 years ago it was problematic install and I bought from Amazon then tried Steam and it worked or Visa Versa. Recently my Crysis broke when I sidegraded to Intel.

    In my search to make it work I found " Buy it from Origin" and that stuck in my mind. I know this is funny but I've always used Crysis to gauge the power of my system.
    When I had a AMD 1090T with a ATI 5870 Video Card it struggled in the opening video when the plane starts flying and would go down below 30FPS. When I temporarily bought a GeForce GT 630 it gagged and puked.

    When I upgraded to An AMD 9590 and Two GTX -660 SLI it would go down to around 50 Frames.

    So how was I going to judge if my upgrade to a Intel 4820 System was worthwhile, luckily or unluckily for me, I was trying to get Nvidia to recognize my PCIE3 Card [As PCIE3 instead of PCIE2] and installed a driver to do that [From Nvidia Site] the driver was for GTX-780 and above but I thought I'd give it a shot. It slowed my Card by 25% and when I tried to reverse it following their instructions. It wouldn't disable in Dos Window as promised.

    So I did what I wanted to do anyway and I backed up and did a clean install of Win 7 64. wipijng away 4 years of Detritus and a bunch of old AMD Drivers, very time consuming.

    For Crysis this time I followed the advise found in one of the postings and bought it from Origin. Ouch $19.99 to buy a 3rd copy of a game. That hurts but it worked out great. It saved me a world of aggravation.

    Origin has a 24 hour warranty on Games, unlike Steam and Amazon who will laugh at you when a legacy game doesn't work [They Received Their Money and No Refunds]. Origin has a 24 hour return policy on downloadable, so if it doesn't work they don't get paid, so at least on Crysis, they've added patches. They even include a Sandbox [Too Complicated for Me]. It wasn't 100% Effortless. I did run into a glitch which was easy to remedy.

    I fired it up and it started but then the Frames went into the 1000s locking my Kb and Mouse. I had to do a hard reset, then I installed Dxtory and put the frames limiter at 60FPS. That worked and it ran flawlessly. Went into settings and found that VSync wasn't on. Didn't want to risk another Re-set, so I kept V-Sync off and limited my frames to 60FPS with Dxtory.

    By the way the Intel 4280 took the Airplane flying scene at 60 FPS without a hiccup. Hurray!
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