The Epic Games Store gave away nearly 750 million free games in 2020


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Year in review: Not all PC gamers are a fan of the Epic Games Store, but whether you love it or hate it, there's no denying that the platform's frequent free game giveaways are pretty great. It seems quite a few others agree with that sentiment: according to the platform, nearly 750 million free titles were claimed throughout 2020.

That's an astounding number, and it seems to prove that Epic's gamble on freebies has largely paid off. Those free games -- there were 103 unique giveaways in total -- managed to net the EGS a whopping 160 million PC customers in total, and 56 monthly active users in December, according to the platform's latest Year in Review blog post.

While not all of the freebie hunters spent money on Epic, the platform still generated $700 million in user spending throughout the year, $265 million of which went toward third-party games hosted on the EGS. The rest, presumably, was revenue generated by Epic's own games, such as Fortnite.

User playtime hours also climbed to 5.70 billion hours last year, up from 3.35 billion the year before. Part of that increase can likely be attributed to lockdowns and stay-at-home orders imposed by governments due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but still -- growth is growth.

Looking ahead, Epic is obviously hoping to top these numbers, while also bringing some new features to its platform, including Player Profiles, game Achievements, and a "Social Overhaul," whatever that means.

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I got some of these free games, on the Epic store. But never played any of them.
And I didn't buy one game on their store.

I got a bunch of free games, played a bunch of them, and also ended up buying a few games (eg. Witcher 3) at a discount.

I've been having fun with a lot of their free smaller studio/Indie games (Layers of Fear, Amnesia, SOMA, Subnautica, Surviving Mars, Kingdom Come, etc) and their bigger budget games (GTA V, Total War, Metro, etc).

I must've put 200+ hours into Epic's games like Rising Storm 2, WWZ, Just Cause 4, and Witcher cost of $15.
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Yet still vastly behind steam.

If Epic wants my business, it needs to figure out in home game streaming and reduce the extra DRM downloads.


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I got some of these free games, on the Epic store. But never played any of them.
And I didn't buy one game on their store.

Same here. What's the motivation for me to buy any games if they keep giving away $50 titles every week?? I don't think I can ever play all the free games I've claimed unless somebody comes up with a vaccine that grants us all eternal life.I do remember installing GTA V and checking it out a bit.

Maybe when I'm retired.


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I'd rather have no free games from Epic, and no games exclusive to Epic meaning unavailable with the steam features I've come to take for granted (achievements, remote play, etc.)

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I just take free stuff they give, but I don't even have Epic launcher installed. In all honesty, I would need two lifetimes to go through just my Steam backlog, so Epic will remain "uninstalled" for time being.


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I've taken all their free games even when I own it elsewhere. GTA V was a nice giveaway as previously I had been playing it on the PS4 so having it on my PC as well was a nice to have. Most have remained on Epic's servers (haven't downloaded them) but they did giveaway both Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny before Christmas which I had been intending to buy at some point (though probably not on Epic).
Haven't purchased anything at full price from them (only purchased 3 games on sale on there in total) and don't intend to - until they abandon the "exclusive" tactic. Offer games at a discount and I'll buy, stop others offering the same games by bribing the publishing houses - no thanks.


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I've gotten 180 free games, from Epic games store from the beginning and I couldn't be happier, they are all great games, quite a few exclusives among them and I bought metro trilogy with great discount, have steam as well but epic will always be in my heart, just hoping they will add game streaming on multiple android devices, like steam link and they will be perfect.
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Title should have been "...gave away...103 free games in 2020"..

Clickbait titles should be discouraged in a tech reporting site such as Techspot.

750 million downloads is more appropriate.

Do the writers of the articles get perks for higher views?

As for Epic Games, I've got some good stuff. GTAV, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Borderlands 2, Torchlight II, Pillars if Eternity, etc.

Thanks to Epic for good quality games given for free.


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I have dozens of free games on epic and I’ve played some of them too, kingdom come deliverance gave me hours of enjoyment and a lesser known game - a short hike was memorable aswell for just being a great 2 hour indie game. I’ve also bought games on epic and played through them all, including control and red dead redemption 2. Both of which I paid substantially less than I would have elsewhere.

Epic is fine, it’s good to have some competition. Maybe this will make steam will step up and give us some better deals and free games.


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Competition is good fo the consumer.

I bought two games games the last year, and I have yet to play them.


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These comments are entitled to the porch is greener on the other side mentality, so let's throw some hate because on our side is not? Useless comments.

Epic games gave the feeling to users that the library is a catalog for you to choose freely, and its cost is in your joy value for them and pleasure. They tried to complete this by giving well rated titles away, creating a respected repertoire.

The platform would grow even better if they proved it's resilience and solidity by constantly adding stuff gamers want or think they need. Fast downloading is ok.


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I got some of these free games, on the Epic store. But never played any of them.
And I didn't buy one game on their store.

How do you find out who never bought a game on the Epic store? Just stand there, they'll come to you and tell you.

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I grabbed a few games. Tropico 5 isn't bad, it's kind of like a SimCity clone except that you're building a tropical country that will eventually rebel against Spain. It was good for a lark. I haven't tried the others yet.

The best was when I bought Combat Wings: Battle of Britain off of Steam for (literally) 50¢. That game is rated 9/10 and I believe it because it's an absolute hoot! It's fun and easy to play and the Germans are always saying things like "Are you scared, Tommy?" "I'm going to get you Tommy!". When you shoot one down they audibly yell something like "AIGGGGG!" or that "OHOO!" sound from Wolfenstein 3D. You get to choose from some pretty sweet planes too. You start with only the Hawker Hurricane but as you go you get planes like the Supermarine Spitfire, Westland Whirlwind and the experimental Hawker Tornado.

It's $5 now and worth every penny (or nickel, depending on where you live)> :D