The ever so popular monitor stays in standby question

By jeffdogg
Jul 29, 2005
  1. Ok check it out, here is what i have

    kingwin mutant x gaming case (i replaced the 420 watt 210 watt max outage factory psu to an antec 430 watt truepower)

    intel D915gevl mobo
    P4 530J 3.0ghz cpu
    1 gig ddr2-533 pc2-4300 memory
    for the time being i am using the on board video (128mb)
    OS-Win XP
    HD-Maxtor DiamondMax10 80 gig

    i'm building a computer, i've built a few in the past but i am having trouble with this one. The first time I put it together the power flickered for a split second then the power cut off. I troubleshooted my **** off, everything was connected properly, still nothing. So i thought it was my mobo, i called intel got an rma number and i got my mobo swaped. i recieved it a few days ago, i installed it and it powered up for a min then shut off, if i turned the power switch on the back of the psu off then on it would do the same thing, So as most people would think i thought it would be the psu so today i went out to bestbuy and bought the antec 430 watt truepower psu. so now i have another new mobo the same D915gevl, and i have the new power supply,ok.
    So I install the power supply and whamo I have power i hear the drive spinning the 3 fans running with the blue leds goin no problem there, but my monitor wont come out of standby, my mouse and keyboard wont turn on, and my cd-rom wont power up, once again everything is connected properly, i even unplugged everything but the cpu/ram/mobo just the bare things needed to be ran, still nothing, i did the whole "take the cmos battery out for a minute and put it back in.i never had a chance to get into the bios or nothing because the computer wont get out of standby, can somebody help?
  2. urbandragon

    urbandragon TS Rookie Posts: 231

    First question you say it will not come out of standby... please elaborate.

    i am assuming you mean when you power the box on you get no display and an amber light on your monitor power indicator.

    I would suggest you try another processor. if you have replace the motherboard, PSU, the only other possibilities would be the processor,memory, or the video card of course.
  3. Abraxas

    Abraxas TS Rookie Posts: 157

    Try easier things first like unplug stuff from the power strip you don't need or redistribute plugs onto another power strip. And turn the monitor on after you booted (after you unplugged/plugged that one again) just to see what it does.
    Due to the fact that your machine is new it probably won't solve your problem, but give it a try, anyway.
    It once helped me out and I'm still waiting for someone else to say it worked. :)
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