The FAA warns people not to weaponize their drones


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The FAA sent out a notice last week warning people “that it is illegal to operate a drone with a dangerous weapon attached.”

“Perhaps you’ve seen online photos and videos of drones with attached guns, bombs, fireworks, flamethrowers, and other dangerous items. Do not consider attaching any items such as these to a drone because operating a drone with such an item may result in significant harm to a person and to your bank account,” the agency states.

If you do operate a drone with an attached dangerous weapon, which is defined as any item that is used for, or is readily capable of, causing death or serious bodily injury, you could be violating Section 363 of the 2018 FAA Reauthorization Act. Offenders may be fined up to $25,000 for each violation.

Exceptions will be made if the operator receives “specific authorization from the Administrator of the FAA to conduct the operation,” so you should be able to get permission to use the ThrowFlame TF-19 Wasp, a flamethrower attachment designed for agricultural applications. It can also be used at pyrotechnic events, in movies, and for training firefighters.

We’ve seen drones with makeshift flamethrower attachments, semiautomatic pistols, and even one being used to shoot fireworks at people, but it appears the FAA is clamping down on this sort of thing.

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So is it an issue, if, you attach an object that can cause bodily harm to it? Because, isn't the drone itself an object that can cause death or bodily harm? I mean, do we really need a law to keep people from breaking the law currently on the books? It is illegal to cause bodily harm to people, why do we need a law to say you can't have something on your potentially harm causing object that would cause death or bodily harm?? Then again, the story would start off by...."a Florida man and his flamethrowing, glock holding drone".......

Jon Heil

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Ha the cry baby federal or government workers.. they must have wasted tons of money on a meeting and to address this, go figure, stop wasting the money moochers! Need to have the drones, shred a bunch of their pensions or payroll... or do some anal probes :D


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My dad saw a "safety inspector" on a construction job site run a 25lb one into machinery, which fell like 30 feet and almost landed on a worker, which could have killed him. Their $500,000 "safety" watch 6 month contract was terminated instantly. So, they are considered high velocity weapons too.

The rotating blades themselves are weapons. Ban all of them.

Not to mention privacy concerns, etc etc.


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Pretty sure the sound that drone makes is picked up by your cell phone, recorded by the nsa and it's pretty easy to narrow down your last amazon purchase lol.

It's funny to see people still mad at drones because Fox news hated on the Obama drones around the time they took off. Fox News "Drones!". Deep in the recesses of the Fox watchers mind, an impulsive hatred of drones still lingers. But they don't know why.

And lest us not forget the Obama phones, that first came out under Bush. Dems and Repubs alike hate hearing about it. So I stopped saying it. mmhmm Obama phone you say mmhmm....


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I really doubt the people doing these DIY engineering projects give a damn what the FAA says.