The International Space Station is bigger than you think, as highlighted in this 4K video...

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Editor's take: One of the biggest takeaways from the video is the sheer size of the complex. For whatever reason, I’ve always assumed it was relatively small and comprised of just a handful of modules, but that clearly isn’t the case. The other thing that struck me as immensely neat was the video game-like mini map at the bottom left of the video, showing where you were in the station at all times.

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet with the European Space Agency has published an in-depth tour of the International Space Station, the first of its kind shot in 4K.

Pesquet set off for his second stint aboard the ISS on April 23, 2021, as part of the SpaceX Crew-2 mission. The tour is captured with Pesquet speaking in French, although there are English subtitles should you require them.

As you’ll see, virtually everything in the space station is stuck to the wall using Velcro or straps; otherwise, cameras, computers, space suits and everything between would freely float about the confines of the modules.

Real estate is in very limited supply. Lots of areas in the space station are used for storage, and it’s quite normal for astronauts to have to navigate these obstacles when traversing from point A to point B.

The tour also lets us peer through some of the portholes, getting a glimpse of other sections of the space station from the outside.

Despite the limitations, there are plenty of creature comforts to keep the astronauts sane. A fridge was recently installed, and there's also an oven and an eating area with standard condiments like ketchup, mustard and mayo and well as salt and pepper. I even caught a glimpse of an NFL broadcast on one of the laptops in the background.

Even with private space companies now in business, it's unlikely that most of us will ever get an opportunity to visit space. Indeed, for the majority of us, it's videos like these that will have to suffice.

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I expected an Alien. There's one in all the movies and games. Why is the world government hiding this?
Silly Arbie ;). Have all those movies and TV not been enough? We all know it's there, it's just cloaked. But never fear friends. Its just a matter of time: