The max range of wireless routers and adapters

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Jun 6, 2014
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  1. My living arrangement has it so that my computer is about 25 yards away from the router. I have high speed internet, and if I'm on a laptop right next to the router, I can easily get 30 mb/s. But when I'm at my computer which is 25 yards away, I get speeds of about 8 mb/s or less (often 1 - 2 mb/s).

    The router and wireless adapter that I have both seem to be top tier, but I'm not sure:

    My question is, are there any *significantly* better options than the ones I just linked, as far as signal distance? Or is the current technology in routers and wireless adapters limited?
  2. SNGX1275

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    To directly answer your question: No.

    What should help you out: Drop it to 2.4Ghz rather than 5. That will get you increased range, and through that at a fixed range - faster speeds. You'll lose the ability to run 802.11ac and have to fall back to 802.11n, but you'll be happier since you weren't getting ac speeds anyway.
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    I use the 2.4ghz signal, but it's also broadcasting a 5ghz signal as well. Are you suggesting I disable the 5ghz one?
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    Yeah I would at least give it a shot, I don't know enough about how the dual band ones work to say one way or another. But I do know you will get longer range with 2.4 compared to 5.
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    That is correct; the 5mhz will have less traffic but higher frequency means shorter distance.

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