The most negative review for gta san andreas

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Jan 13, 2005
  1. champmanfan

    champmanfan TS Member Posts: 59

    Interesting Read

    The lowest I've seen this scored was 9/10 on PC but at least he did explain his points and was very constructive with his critisism. The main point that bugged me about the game was the blocky graphics of the characters hands and movements. My res is 1024x1280 plus all eye-candy!

    The story in his opinion might be hit and miss but you do have an enormous amount of work to do and is very addictive. It's a great game that I gave 96% for and gave me back the great feeling of just sitting in front of the PC gaming for hours on end without realising the time. I lost 4 hours one day without realising... pure bliss when you can do more or less what you want till the small hours.

    I've played the whole GTA series and find this this best to play and progress through while having a g8 time. I don't think it'll be much good for replay value - once you've played it once you may as well store it or sell it on.
  2. Fleesh

    Fleesh TS Rookie Posts: 20

    what a stupid review... so many contridictions it's unreal. Gta is a great series and san andreas is the best of the lot. If you dont like a game because of the countryside and swearing dont give it a 4/10 just dont buy it. Thats never a professional reviewer.

  3. champmanfan

    champmanfan TS Member Posts: 59

    Too Right

    I'm glad you agree GTA is so great and that 4/10 is far too low considering the points he made. You give a game 4/10 if its unplayable and the game completes in under 30minutes because it's too easy. This game is anything but any of these.

    the only people who would hammer this game would be Daily Mail readers or PS2 players who have had their fair share of bugs, unlike us PC owners, the king of gaming.

    By the way, I heard that this game is meant to have an adaptive leanring curve where if you fail a mission it gradually gets easier. Is this true because my mate is having trouble completing a mission. He isn't reloading the game either, he goes straight back to the red spot.

    I wonder why they put this in because if it's true - isn't it a form of cheating?
  4. Fleesh

    Fleesh TS Rookie Posts: 20

    Oh i have never really noticed about the game making itself easier... I wouldnt of thought so because i have tried some missions more than once and they seem just as difficult the next time round :haha:

    I do have to say though that the game is fantastic, i mean what other kind of games give you such freedom. It's like the different parts of them map are blocked off (like boarders) but they havent just shut it off completley they said " yeah you wanna go across there when you shouldnt thats fine, but you better be ready for some trouble" Makes me feel like on the run or something when i cross the border, heli's and cop's after you.

    How far into it are you? I play every now and again as im a bf2 fan... last time i played i was up to the bit where you meet that firey girl and she want's to do 5 jobs around the area... 1 is to steal that truck from outside the gas station... man i keep tryin but keep losing the trailer :haha:
  5. TS | Thomas

    TS | Thomas TS Rookie Posts: 1,319

    Finished the game myself this week (Though I've gone back into it as I realised I had completely missed the casino heist section, heh.) The PC version I'm using, there are bugs alright, which I really hope they'll get around to patching soon. But the sense of freedom is great, beats other games in that department.
    I mean, here's a typical non-scripted moment for me;Leap off a cliff on a speeding motorbike to get into an airport, then steal a plane so I can parachute onto an aircraft carrier in the harbour, stealing a fighter plane so you can blast away other vehicles on a massive bridge - with the army & other helicopters called in to deal with you.
    I haven't enjoyed a game this much since Operation Flashpoint.
  6. champmanfan

    champmanfan TS Member Posts: 59

    How did you miss the Casino mission? I haven't got to that part yet and I want to know how you missed it so I don't. Thanks.

    Now that you've completed GTA San Andreas - well done :) - how long did it take you to do it and did you complete the game 100%?
  7. Fleesh

    Fleesh TS Rookie Posts: 20

    Thats what i love about it, How anyone can give this game the thumbs down is beyond me. It's just one of those games where you can either sit down for a good few hour's and go at it properly or just boot it up and cause havoc without having to worry. It just makes the game feel so open. I love my FPS games but this rocks no matter what type of gen you like. I havent even been to the airport yet.... lol There's an airport :knock: and a casino :knock: No way LOL :)
  8. toffeapple

    toffeapple TS Rookie Posts: 152

    brilliant game, brilliant sound track, ok not the best graphics but this is a trade of for the shear size of the map.
    My only complaint is that it was to easy compared to the other games in the series.
  9. Fleesh

    Fleesh TS Rookie Posts: 20

    I suppose it is easy in one respect but now we'd be moaning if it was to hard lol. Surley even when completed it's the type of game you can keep coming back to again and again just dont play the mission's. Does anyone know of any weapon cheats for this game? I used to love it on the old one guns guns guns.... i used to have hours of fun with the sniper rifle lol
  10. pkroks

    pkroks TS Rookie Posts: 259

    i have also finished the game. it took me (according to the stats misc time 39 hrs to finish) take it that about half the time i was just running around killing people for no reason and you got a good time.
    i found the game to be one of the best, my favourite still is Half life 2, but there were quite a number of glitches. for instance is was playing yesterday and doing a whole lot of gang wars to get to the last mission, and well my sound went off and came back on when it felt like it. i continued to play a little bit today and it was fine, but i also noticed when cops were chasing me the soudn came back. so i dono. anyway, it was cool and i enjoyed it. that review is rubbish. the dude rated the whole game badly just coz of the countryside. the countryside was fun, i mean you would get lost and stuff but it made it more challenging and once you accepted the idea you were good to kill!
  11. TS | Thomas

    TS | Thomas TS Rookie Posts: 1,319

    I'm not sure really, guess I wasn't paying much attention to the icons, there were 3 $ on the map at that point & 1 for Toreno so I assumed I'd be going back for the casino job at a later point. W for Woozie never re-appeared so thought I'd missed it ;) I only rechecked inside the casino after a guy at work told me about it. heh.

    I'd been playing it for about an hour or 2 each day (maybe more) since I bought it. I think that was early June at that.
  12. Ok. you guys play way to fast,but then maybe you don't have the
    luxury of sitting 20-24 hrs a day!

    i'm on the mission after the low rider contest(bouncing to the beat)
    i've put wellover 300 hrs in.
    gots 4 houses

    i can land the cessna on any roof top
    and love mowing people down with the jet(commercial not fighter) on the beach

    i still dont know how to gather a gang
    all the walkthroughs are for ps2

    just found the parachute on the tallest building
    didn't know there was a front door

    were is the chopper and aircraft carrier? hu

    and yea the best game of it's kind

  13. pkroks

    pkroks TS Rookie Posts: 259

    to get a gang run up to your green 'hood' friends, right click like you are aiming to shoot and then press 'g'. it should work unless you changed the controls or something.
  14. i will give it a try thanks
  15. champmanfan

    champmanfan TS Member Posts: 59

    Get Gangs 2 Join

    You've got to build up enough respect to recruit up to 6 members to your gang - correct me if im wrong. Try going to the gym and killing rival members to max out your recruit stats.

    At the minute I'm on one the hardest missions so far doing jobs for Torino to free Carl Johnson's brother by trying to learn how to fly and I find this damn near impossible. I'm training at Verdant Meadow Aircraft Graveyard and i'm on the one where you have to fly in a circle.

    Even when I do complete it I only get 68% and I want to get a gold star. How do you complete these flying missions because I hate the game for making everything else easy but making fly near impossible.

    Please could someone help me out then I'll be able to enjoy the game again, at the moment I'm avoiding the game and haven't played for over 9 days now. Been playing Doom3 and Half-Life 2: Substance.
  16. you probely finished by now
    so ill make it short

    oh thanks on the gang stuff i'm working on my last territory
    and still only up to the 'follow the train with smoke) mission and og loc
    had me wak dudes manager
    havn't got to russians yet

    what kind of controllers do u have
    siateks x45 and 52 have both worked excellent for me
    making a turn < i found rudder (my twist on joy stick x52)
    lets you turn perfect without the up and down thing

    let me now if your still playing
  17. champmanfan

    champmanfan TS Member Posts: 59

    :mad: I'm still on that dam flying mission and haven't finished it yet, steyr223, but glad the gang stuff worked.

    Could you or other members please post some links towards a site where I can buy a good controller for passing the flying missions. I come from the UK so they'll have to be in Pound Sterling money.

    I've actually been playing this game totally with just a keyboard and mouse. I haven't got another controller to try with and thats why I'm asking for some recommendations for this game.

    Because of the difficulty of flying, It's put me off playing the game (haven't played for over a month now) otherwise if it was alot simpler to control planes then I would love it. It's just fustrating and more complicated than it needs be. I bet you lots of others would agree.
  18. i have like i said the x45 and recently
    upgraded (downgraded ) to the x52

    the sticks are programable so if your head isn't in it .........
    i say sticks plural ,there's joystick and a flight stick

    the reason i say downgraded is the x52 system is somewhat more
    delicate then my x45s(which lasted over 2 years)
    the x52's are more comfy and the action seems better, but don't get excited and push to hard or the center spring weekens and the centyer peice sags

    don't get me wrong very little can handle my rath(temper tantrums)
    so for u they would work ok this is my 2nd pair of x52 (129 american $)
    if i had my choice . thrustmaster flcs/f16 joystick,tqs flightstick, and rudders

    thrust master quit the line(@ $199.000 for each piece)not enough sales select uk prices are what u said
    now i'm sure just to wrap up gtsa you could get off lot cheaper

  19. champmanfan

    champmanfan TS Member Posts: 59

    Joysticks 4 GTA ??

    Thanks for the link, steyr223, but I prefer something simpler and a lot cheaper like this joystick for £35 - The Cyborg evo. I would pay around £30-40 for a good joystick and have had some crap ones in the past that I first bought for only £5-10. You get what you pay and these ones would break on any sudden movements.

    Isn't there people out their that can complete this game with just a keyboard? Leave a post with the different types of game controller that you use for GTA SA on the PC.
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