The Processor fan running in a vibration mode with sound

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Hi guy's

I am having a pc with intel pentium 4 - intel 845 GVSL motherboard

suddenly one day i power on it i heared the sound coming from the cpu .

when i touch the cpu the cpu is some what vibrating . I shutdown the PC

open the case and check for loose contact all are fine . i checked RAM also

again i power on it i watched that the processor fan getting speed

gradually witha noice & vibrating the motherboard also . The SMPS fan

working correctly.I am having the OS windows Nt

Please help me to solve this problem


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Most likely the fan is out of balance (most likely from having a loose screw). I had the same problem with me but it was worse cause I stuck a screwdriver (a thick one I might add) into the fan while it was spinning (cause I was curious lol) and it took off one of the blades >_<.
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hi coolmatt

I had checked the screws in the processor fan it is fitted tightly

Then what to do

help me


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wait.. is this the processor fan above the CPU heatsink (dont use scotch tape here)? or the case fans?

check the RPM of the fans in Bios's Hardware monitor or other monitoring app, and also the temps and voltages as well..

clean out any dust especialy those dust grills on the pc with an air compressor or vacum cleaner..


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on very rare occasion, a ball bearing in the fan may be cracked. it won't cost much to get a new one (fan). just make sure it fits ur heatsink

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one of the blade maybe heavier and causing the vibration, can check for balance by using a penknife to scrape a little material off to balance or put a tape.
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