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Mar 10, 2008
  1. This problem just occurred recently for no apparent reason. I am using Windows XP Pro-SP2. I use IE6 and Avant back and forth with IE settings exported to Avant. I am getting the dreaded RED X in both browsers apparently only in GIF. Jpeg seems to be fine. This is a list of the steps I have taken so far. 1) Ensured default setting in IE privacy 2) Updated my Java and checked 'Use my Browser settings' button 3) Cleaned out temp files 4) Checked 'Show Pictures' in Advanced IE 5) Used every scanner in my system without detecting anything unusual. 6) Tried to link to 'Toggle Image' in Avant but no link there( in fact no double-arrow links at all) 7) Went to IE6, found the link to 'Toggle Image', clicked on-nothing happened.
    SO I HAVE TARGETED 'Toggle Image' as a possible culprit. Searched everywhere to try to download this feature without success. Used Windows internal search and found 'Toggle Image' in Documents and Settings as a shortcut. Also located 'Toggle Image' in prefetch and that's it.
    The questions- Is it Toggle Image causing my problem or something else? If Toggle Image is removed will this restore the picture viewing function. If not can I repair or reload Toggle Image to my computer so it can be controlled? What the heck is Toggle Image and what function does it really perform if it is recommended to shut it off?
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    That should not stop you from posting in the proper area.

    Thread moved.
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    Posting in the proper area

    This is my first time posting and I searched the site for where to post this message and was constantly redirected to the introduction page. Perhaps someone could help me out with this and put me on the right track.
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    No solid answer, just suggestions.

    What happens when you use the browser to view a gif file on the hard drive?

    On the received web page, does clicking on the red x reload the image?

    View source for the web page; locate URL for the graphic; point the browser to just the graphic file.

    You know more about browsers than I do. I am just trying to guess at the failure mechanism. File size limitations, broken pages, confused browser, lost plug-ins, etc.
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    I sure don't see any reason to be so short with someone because they couldn't fin the right area to put the question!

    Teddibear, as you have figured out, you are getting the image placeholder instead of the image. Is this happening only one one site where you want to view an image. Contrary to what many users think, it's not always their problem when an image doesn't display correctly.

    I'd like to know where it is you are trying to view the image- a URL if you have it and whether this is an extensive problem or limited to one site. If it's one site, then it's their programming, not your settings.

    As for the 'problem' occurring for no reason- there is "always" a reason! A Windows Update, a change in the system somewhere. and if it's sudden and it is widespread, you can try doing a System Restore to day before 'sudden' to see if this handles it.
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