The Sims Complete Collection CD to DVD copy issues

By Ciriene
Feb 11, 2008
  1. Hello, First of all this is my first time posting here.
    Thanks to everyone that contributes and helps out people like myself with issues.

    I have The Sims Complete Collection installed on my computer.
    I have a DVD Burner. Sometimes, alot actually, CD's have issues playing properly. SO I came up with a quick solution. Ill just make a copy of the CD on DVD and be all set.

    Well the copy burned just fine. It looks just like the original except when I press the play button I am asked to insert the CD-ROM and restart the game.

    Is there anyway I can change this?

    I thought maybe there was a registry key that pointed to the directory to start from, but after spending some frustrating hours looking I have come up with nothing.

    Can anyone tell me will this copy actually work? I preferred this to buying a whole new DVD rom drive that actually likes cd all the time.

  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    There's a couple of angles to this issue.

    Firstly, yes you can make backup copies (for your personal use) legally
    But you will need to do a "clone" copy. A lot of recording softwares like Nero (full version) and others, should have this option. Otherwise you may need to buy CloneCD or CloneDVD.

    Just another point on that issue to.
    Some games and movies, have copy protection installed (more problems!!)
    So then you may need some type of copy protection remover software as well !!
    And each manufacturer seems to have their own ruling on all this (it just gets worse)

    Now, there is another way (incredible, an alternative)

    You are legally allowed to download the NoCD (or NoDVD) for your owned game.
    What's NoCD again ?
    That means you can download a file that can be used to run the game, without the CD in at all.

    That's great, where can I get this wonderfull file (I hear you asking)
    Well, although it is legal, searching Google for NoCD and also including your game name, will take you to lots of game cr@acking links. Which are also full of lots of Trojans and Spyware (and sometimes Viruses)

    Oh my God, Now what?

    Hmm someone may link to a legal NoCD game board for you, or you could talk to the game manufacturer about this (probably won't help!)

    Search Google at your risk. Or ask someone else (who doesn't mind) searching for you.

    Does that help ?
  3. Ciriene

    Ciriene TS Rookie Topic Starter

    uhhhhhhhhhhhh yea um. Ok Well I guess I buy a new CD Player for my system.

    I am completely lost. All this to play a silly game. It looked good in the box.

    I didn't realize you couldn't copy your own CD's without such a pain. I was thinking placing the cd onto a dvd was the main issue.

    Years ago I bought FFVII for the PC. The play disc just wouldn't work. I contacted SE and they provided me with a simple solution. Copy my CD to my HD and point the registry to that rather than the CD. I was hoping it was this simple again. I guess the world has changed drastically.

    Anyhow Thank you for your reply. :D Off I go to Circuit City for a new piece of hardware :\
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