The US ranks fifth in digital readiness, report finds

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The World Economic Forum this week published its Networked Readiness Index which measures how well an economy is using information and communications technologies to boost its competitiveness and well-being.

In a study of 139 economies, the forum found that several superpowers populate the top 10 list led by Singapore. Finland, Sweden and Norway hold the second, third and fourth place spots followed by the United States with a global rank of five. Rounding out the top 10 is the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg and Japan, in that order.

The report notes that Singapore’s ranking is largely the result of strong government commitment to the digital agenda. Specifically, the country makes excellent use of digital technologies to provide access to basic and government services while ensuring that schools are connected.

Finland, meanwhile, has good access to the latest technologies as well as venture capital and its businesses are highly connected. The US stands out due to its favorable business and innovation environment, resulting in the creation of one of the most agile and digitized business sectors in the world.

Outside of the top 10, the report highlights several nations that have made significant improvements over the past year. Italy, for example, climbed 10 spots to its current rank of 45, Kuwait jumped from 72 to 61 while the Slovak Republic improved its position by 12 spots.

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Greg S

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I'm actually kind of surprised the US ranked as well as it did. Sure we have the vast majority of tech companies working here for us, but the amount of backlash that regulators give when government entities want to use new tech is ridiculous. Yes, old analog tech works, but at this point I'd feel much better if our nuclear programs weren't using floppy disks that are actually bendable.

Uncle Al

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Yeah, I am VERY surprised we ranked as well as indicated. When so many Asian countries are leaping ahead of us, have 1 GB cable throughout (except for the poorest areas), have left the US in the dust in the world of Super Computers ..... we are slipping noticeably. According to some, we have slipped off our pedestal if the #1 Super Power and could be as low as 3rd ....... Our politicians TALK about new initiatives for students in math, science, & engineering but we so very little done about it and the corporate world is so busy starving their own employee's out and rarely investing in newly emerging technologies, R&D, etc ... one doesn't need to wonder "why". It's has become painfully obvious.